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Dear Frank Review


Reviewed by Gin Blanton

What would you do if you lost the love of your life, of over 20 years, to an unexpected tragedy? And then discovered they had committed the most devastating act of betrayal toward you? Frank Jones, played by Brian White(Ambitions, Stomp The Yard), answers that question in the psychological thriller with unexpected twist and turns. 

He) is a businessman and loving husband whose been married to his beautiful wife Beth portrayed by Claudia Jordan (Housewives of Atlanta) for twenty years. On their 20th wedding anniversary, surrounded by family and friends, Beth suddenly dies leaving her husband Frank devastated and heartbroken. 

Frank mourns the loss of his wife and enters into a state of depression and disarray. Frank’s brother George Jones portrayed by Columbus Short (True To The Game, This Christmas) is a local policeman. He encourages Frank to get himself together and clean up his house. He also reveals that Beth’s death was not accidental or due to natural causes. While Frank is gathering his deceased wife’s belongings, he discovers his wife’s diary. In it which revealed that Beth had many affairs during their marriage. 

Distraught by the discovery of his deceased wife’s infidelity Frank begins to be haunted by his wife’s ghost who wants to know who killed her. Frank starts a downward spiral turning to alcohol and drugs for comfort. Frank both needs and wants answers. Overcome with grief and anger; Frank decides to take matters into his own hands. And enact his form of justice with each of the men that his wife listed in her diary. 

White delivers a captivating and riveting performance taking us into the rage, hurt, and devastation. That Frank feels having just lost the love of his wife and coupled with the discovery of her deceit. White is real, raw, and believable delivering one of his best performances. He found a perfect blend of anger and dark comedy that makes you root for him.

Claudia Jordan is the ultimate seductress and proves herself as one to watch as she continues to increase her acting resume. Columbus Short demonstrates that he is no stranger to remarkable performances and delivers as expected. With the perfect cast blend, Dear Frank offers a thrilling experience with a plot twist that will leave you gasping. 

The rhythm of the edit and camera movement coupled with the set design and sound elements is reminiscent of Peter Bergs presentation of Very Bad Things. Dear Frank has a run time of 93 minutes of intense, thrilling pleasure.

Writer: Luis Montavlo
Directors: Josh Webber and Brian White
Producers: Claudia Jordan, Mike Muntaser, Josh Webber, Brian White

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