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Good Boys Review


‘Good Boys’ centers around Max(Jacob Tremblay) and his best friends Thor (Brady Noon, HBO’s Boardwalk Empire) and Lucas (Keith Williams, Fox’s The Last Man On Earth). When they decide to use Max’s dad’s drone – which Max is forbidden to touch – to spy (they think) on a teenage couple making out next door. Things don’t turn out the way they expect- they come upon best friends Hannah(Molly Gordon) and Lily(Midori). The girls are planning a girls trip vacation getaway, and the boys misread the entire conversation. The girls are furious and confiscate the drone, which puts Max in stress override to get the drone back before Dad’s return.

Brady Noon, Jacob Tremblay and Keith L. Williams arrive as Universal Pictures presents the premiere of Good Boys at the Regency Village Theater Westwood on Wednesday, August 14, 2019 in Los Angeles, CA (photo: Alex J. Berliner/ABImages)

In true Seth Rogen style, the movie is raunchy, sometimes exploitive but still hilariously funny. Funny in part because the boys are boys and innocent of so many adult things. Each one of them struggling with Tween issues, girls, bullies, and self-confidence. Max is at that stage of hormones firing up with puppy love his classmate Brixlee(Millie Davis). Lucas with bullying and his parents pending divorce and Brady struggling with his self-confidence and afraid to audition for the school musical. The boys’ band to support each other, so like true Bean Bag Boys(their self-titled club name) they set out to help Max retrieve the drone. Not only must Max get the drone back, but it all has to be done in time to attend his first kissing party. It might be the only opportunity he has to kiss the love of his life Brixlee.

The adventure takes us on a riotously raunchy, hilarious journey. The boys skip school, and one wrong decision leads to another. They encounter drug dealers, frat-house paintballs, sex toys (they don’t know what they are and use them in very unconventional ways)

All are setting the scene for some genuinely comic moments. In the end, the importance is the value of true friendship and holding on to the innocence of youth; in my opinion, is the message to take away.

In Theaters August 16, 2019

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