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Hustlers Movie Review


Inspired by real events, HUSTLERS is a comedy-drama that follows a crew of savvy strip club employees who band together to turn the tables on their Wall Street clients. The movie takes us into the world of New York’s City strip club scene. It was the time for everyone to make money: it was 2007. The economy was booming, and Destiny(Constance Wu ) is eager to make some of it to take care of her grandmother.

But it’s not easy since everyone wants a cut of her earnings: the managers, DJs, and bartenders which leaves Destiny with barely any money after a long night of stripping.

Then one night Destiny meets Ramona (Jennifer Lopez) the club’s top stripper. Destiny watches Ramona in awe as she takes command of the stage, performing moves on the pole that Destiny can only dream about doing. She follows Ramona to find her languishing on the rooftop in a magnificent fur coat, taking a smoke break. When Ramona sees Destiny, she commands her like a queen to seek warmth within the folds of it opening her arms wide as Destiny settles in beside her.

Ramona(Jennifer Lopez) teaches Destiny (Constance Wu) some moves.

That scene establishes the bond between the two as Romona becomes her mentor and mother figure. She proceeds to give Destiny a pole dancing lesson and a break down of how to asses each client’s financial status. Jennifer Lopez shines as Ramona playing her with confidence, sass, and style. A woman who knows what she wants and how to get it, traits society typically reserves for the male of our species.

The other strippers taking Ramona’s lead become the family Destiny has always wanted. The friendship between Romana and Destiny is the glue that makes this character study so fascinating to watch. The chemistry between Lopez and Wu is electric, and the audience can feel their love for each other exuding from the screen.

Under Romona’s tutelage, Destiny starts to make money and is finally able to take care of her grandmother. But not all fairytales have happy endings and when the financial crash of 2007 hit their gilded house comes tumbling down. And the strip clubs felt it hard struggling to get clients in the door.

Start Thinking Like Wall Street Guys

But resourceful Ramona has a plan that takes the girls down a dangerous path. Hesitant at first to agree, Destiny quickly realizes that she has few options for quick income. The justification was simple Wall Streer stole from everyone and received no punishment for their deeds. Ramona, Mercedes(Keke Palmer) and naive Annabelle(Lili Reinhart) take matters into their own hands. And to even the score, Ramona creates a unique cocktail that can leave the customers helpless so they can run max out their credit cards. As the money rolls in the women know it’s wrong, especially Romona who indulges in the fantasy that it is their mission to balance the scales of wealth.

Written and Directed by Lorene Scafaria, inspired by the article published by New York magazine entitled “The Hustlers at Scores,” written by Jessica Pressler. The movie is a reflection of so many social issues that continue to permeate our society, greed, power, and the illusion of the American dream.
Hustlers is a funny, exciting crime thriller. A movie that may leave you wondering about life choices. But for some of us, it might make one consider taking a pole dancing class.

From STXfilms, HUSTLERS stars Constance Wu, Jennifer Lopez, Julia Stiles, Keke Palmer, Lili Reinhart, with Mercedes Ruehl and Cardi B. The film also stars Lizzo, Mette Towley, Madeline Brewer, and Trace Lysette. The film is written and directed by Lorene Scafaria, inspired by the article published by New York magazine entitled “The Hustlers at Scores,” written by Jessica Pressler.

The producers are Jessica Elbaum, Elaine Goldsmith- Thomas, Jennifer Lopez, Benny Medina, Will Ferrell, and Adam McKay.

HUSTLERS opens in theaters Friday, September 13th, 2019

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