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Home Entertainment News The 4th Annual “Lost & Found” Returns To Buzzr In A Star-Studded Way!

The 4th Annual “Lost & Found” Returns To Buzzr In A Star-Studded Way!


BUZZR fans prepared to be spoiled by some of the finest retro gameshows “finds” – with a Hollywood twist.

This September, the network’s 4TH Annual Lost & Found selection is totally star-studded, with vintage episodes featuring iconic celebrities before they truly made it BIG in Show Biz.

Picture it now…. Before Kirstie Alley scored her role on Cheers, she was scoring big on Password Plus!

Also, 6 years prior to her leading role in When Harry Met Sally, a 21-year-old Meg Ryan excelled as an enthusiastic contestant on Tattletales.

Furthermore, the incredible Michael Flatley appeared as the “world’s fastest tap dancer” on To Tell The Truth, years before Riverdance and Lord of the Dance were even conceptualized.

And, sure EVERYONE knows Howie Mandel as an iconic judge on America’s Got Talent, but once upon a time he brought his one-of-a-kind witty words to the Match Game Hollywood Squares Hour.

Tune-in Sunday, 9/29 from 4P – 8P ET to watch these celebrities and MORE in BUZZR’s laugh-out-loud classic collections of – To Tell The Truth, Password Plus, Child’s Play, Press Your Luck, Tattletales, Card Sharks, Match Game, and the Match Game Hollywood Squares Hours.

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