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Funny Story


In Funny Story, two people are about to meet up who have paths leading in the same direction. A well-known TV show actor, Walt Campbell (Matt hew Glave), is trying to enjoy the fortunes of his life with the riches and young girlfriend that his lifestyle affords him. When out on a date with his girlfriend, he tries to break up with her before she announces she’s pregnant. And then there’s Kim, a pretty blonde (Emily Bett Rickards) grappling with the recent death of her estranged mother. After her mother’s funeral, Kim heads out of town for an important event, but then her car breaks down, leaving her desperate and devastated.

Due to Walt’s divorce, he hasn’t spent a lot of time with his daughter Nic (Jana Winternitz), but he was looking forward to her spending the weekend with him. When they have a facetime chat, Nic explains that she can’t come to see him due to an important event she had to attend, but she invited him to Big Sur, and Nic then asked him to pick up a friend on the way. That friend is Kim, and she received a text message from Nic that her father was going to bring Kim to Big Sur.

Dealing with personal issues that gives Kim a “heavy layer of bitch” according to Walt, once the ice breaks between them and they start to talk, they warm up to each other. On a pit stop at a Karaoke bar, Walt’s singing is so sexy, it turns Kim on, and she seduces Walt. As they continue to make their way to Big Sur, Kim becomes distant again and cries, feeling remorseful. When they arrive at Nic’s place, in a great comedic moment, Walt is entirely stunned when Nic and Kim lovingly embrace and kiss, and Nic introduces Kim as her fiance. Walt didn’t know his daughter was gay, and he’s perplexed and upset that Kim cheated on his daughter with him.

There are a lot of fun characters in this lesbian wedding weekend getaway, and Walt enjoys their ego-stroking about his hit TV show, Youngblood. But his own narcissistic needs are taking a back seat in how to tell Nic about what happened between him and Kim. He loves Nic too much to watch her marry someone who is not being truthful to her, as he knows how much he hurt her mother with his infidelities. Walt ponders if it’s better to ruin someone’s life with the truth or not to say anything.

Walt discovers that out of love for his daughter, they both need to move forward based on honesty, and it’s an emotional climax that is heartbreaking. Winternitz, as Nic is the moral backbone of this film by showing the hurt when betrayed so cruelly. But ultimately, Nic may learn just how much her father does love her and how much she needed that assurance. Funny Story is quite amusing and heartwarming. Director and writer Michael Gallagher presents a new story on the challenges of divorced families and adult children seeking love and approval from their parents.

FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION IN ALL CATEGORIES Including John Cassavetes Award  (films made for under $500,000 dollars).

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