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Review of Away


AWAY follows a young boy after a mysterious crash landing, as he travels across an island on a motorcycle, trying to escape a dark spirit and return home.

Directed, written, edited, and produced by Gints Zilbalodis Away takes us on an imaginative adventure without words, where the symbolic images of danger, fear, and hope reside. As he traverses through the exotic land attempting to escape the shadowy figure that threatens to swallow him, he still manages to aid a wounded bird. With his new friend in tow, he settles in for a dangerous route to freedom. Along the way, he faces obstacles that test his resilience and strength.

This film resonates with me on the human level as we try to run from the dark corners of our minds. And yet as we attempt to escape from our fears imagined or real, we can always find a moment to help another.

The animation is, at times, gentle and beautiful. And the filmmaker knows just when to add the darker tones that spell danger. The music in the film takes the place of words, and frankly, none is needed. 

You will find your self pulled into the boys’ world and by the end of this short film. You might take away the experience of enjoying the images and music. Or like me, you might find a much deeper meaning to AWAY.

AWAY opened in Los Angeles and online on November 29. For more visit

Gints Zilbalodis (Director) is a Latvian filmmaker and animator. His fascination for filmmaking began at an early age watching classic films and making shorts and commercials. He has made seven short films in various mediums, including hand-drawn animation, 3D animation, and live-action, often mixing their characteristic aesthetics. His previous short films include ‘Rush’ (2010), ‘Aqua’ (2012), ‘Clarity’ (2012), ‘Priorities’ (2014), ‘Followers’ (2014), ‘Inaudible’ (2015), and ‘Oasis’ (2017).



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