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Review Of Blood Myth


Touted as a British Midsommar, directors Sean Brown and Luke Gosling create a moody, sinister tale of a young couple traveling to a rural town to further investigate a myth called 30. James (Jonathan McClean) is a reporter bored of dead-end stories told by eye witness accounts of UFOs and strange shadowy creatures for the newspaper he works for. As timing would have it, one day, he hears a story about the mysterious disappearances of people every 30 years, which piques his interest. James does some preliminary research and finds a blog that covers the history of these disappearances.

As he plans to travel to the village, his pregnant girlfriend, Harriet (Anna Dawson), decides to go with him. She’s far along in her pregnancy but wants to go with him to spend more time with him. As they make their way to the small town, they encounter difficulties with their mobile phones and have no GPS access a sign that they are heading into uncertain territory. When they make a pit stop for dinner, a chatty and curiously informative waitress gives James a lot more information about the folklore of 30. This background information sets the tone of what is to come. The next stop that James and Harriet make is to the hotel where they appear to be the only guests. A curious eyebrow-raising plot twist occurs at this moment, which was tantalizing and helps set the stage for the finale.

In the middle of the night, Harriet experiences leg cramps and want to take a little walk to stretch her legs. James remains in bed asleep. In the morning, he realizes that Harriet never came back to bed, and he frantically searches the area looking for her to no avail. He contacts the police who aren’t interested in wasting their time searching for a pregnant woman, as they think he’s there to take advantage of the 30 myth to write a best selling story. Treated dismissively, he continues to search for Harriet on his own until finding an anonymous note from someone who claims to have information to share. That person is the blogger of the website ‘Thirty Truth Seeker’ who wants to help him find his girlfriend as she fears she will never be found if they don’t work together.

The mood of the town continues to get more dreary when James meets Clayton, the man whose pregnant sister disappeared 30 years earlier. Clayton’s obsession about 30 is scrawled all over his walls with mythical writing, symbols, and photographs taken of the countryside in his ongoing quest to find out what happened to his sister. Each passing moment, the tension about the myth of 30 seems to become more evident and dangerous to those determined to find out the truth about it.

In the finale, we find out that things and people are not whom they say they were all along, and information planted was deliberately done to invite James to that village to experience his ultimate horrific fate. Myths that are hundreds of years old prosper for so long because people are so curious about it and go poking their nose into the dark and evil forces they cannot understand. Blood Myth is a little creepy with some exciting, spooky moments.

Jonathan McClean, Anna Dawson, and Hannah Chalmers star in Blood Myth, available 11/5 from Galen Christy’s High Octane Pictures.

Reviewed by: Simone Cromer twitter: @theatreofzen

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