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Black Christmas


If you like slasher films with a bunch of young people getting killed and an evil plot to tame women, then this latest installment from Blum Productions might be your thing. Jason Blum and his company Blumhouse Productions are known for bringing us some memorable films like Get Out, BlackkKlansman, Don’t Let Me Go, and many others. 

 Black Christmas shot in one location focusing on a group of Sorority sisters Riley Stone (Imogen Poots, and her Mu Kappa Epsilon sisters— Marty (Lily Donoghue)rebel Kris (Aleyse Shannon, and (Brittany O’Grady).

 In the final day of class, Professor Gelson(Cary Elwes) calls on Riley to answer a question. That interaction gives us a warning of the conflict between them, and later, we find out that the girls started a petition to get him fired. And the activist of the group (Kris)worked to remove the bust of the Founder of the school I am not sure why, but it’s evident that does not sit well with Professor Gelson.  

The girls get ready to prepare for their holiday party, which includes a musical performance, but Lindsay( Lucy Currey) does not show up and Riley is forced to take her place. Riley is terrified to go on stage because of Brian Huntley(Ryan McIntyre) who assaulted her last semester and will be there. With a push from the girls, she agrees. The performance targets the rape culture in colleges, and the students love it except, of course, Brian Huntley and his friends.

Once back at the Sorority House, things take a nasty turn, and masked men attack them. Things do not get better, and now the girls band together to fight the unknown. I will leave out the end; why spoil it for you lovers of slasher films.  

Black Christmas opens on Friday the 13th, so Merry Christmas from Blumhouse Productions.

Directed by Sophia Takal (Always Shine) and produced by Jason Blum (HalloweenSplit) for his Blumhouse Productions, by Ben Cosgrove (The Good GermanRumor Has It) and by Adam Hendricks (CamBloodlineLucky) for Divide/Conquer. Blumhouse’s Couper Samuelson and Jeanette Volturno will executive produce with Divide/Conquer’s Greg Gilreath and Zac Locke.

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