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Home Entertainment News The Whole World Feels Irish On The Seventeenth Of March!

The Whole World Feels Irish On The Seventeenth Of March!


On Tuesday, March 17thBUZZR invites you to a marathon of what can only be described as, “lucky game show wins”. All-day long on St Paddy’s Day, catch contestants who followed their very own charmed rainbow to a true pot o’ gold!

Starting at 8am ET on the 17th and continuing until 2 am ET on the 18th, tune-in for buzzer-beating wins, magical jackpots and a whole lot of lucky moments.
For example, on an episode of Match Game perhaps the greatest stroke of luck occurs, as one contestant returns due to a “technicality” and goes on to become an all-time, record-setting money winner!

What’s more festive than shamrocks, leprechauns, green beer and BUZZR TV?

The Lucky Wins Marathon also contains thirteen new-to-the-network episodes, of which includes a historically huge win on a 1978 episode of Card Sharks – you won’t want to miss it! As the saying goes, a great game show marathon is like a four-leaf clover, you can’t pass up on that kind of luck…

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