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Eight Days the First Cancer Reality Show Has a New Home at WGN Network Premiering April 5, 2020


Los Angeles, CA – Charles Mattocks’ Eight Days docuseries, the first Cancer Reality TV Show has a New! Home on WGN Network, premiering April 5, 2020.

Mattocks’ is an award-winning filmmaker and health advocate that happens to be the nephew of the music legend Bob Marley, who also passed of Cancer.  His newest docuseries “Eight Days” is an innovative and heart-felt documentary series that takes viewers inside individual cancer patients’ journey through their courageous treatment and their compelling stories.
Through raw storytelling in an investigative format, this powerful series follows cancer patients as they push to defy the odds in the biggest fight imaginable – a fight for life! Mattocks has teamed up with Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers and co-starring Dr. Antonio Jimenez for the series. (Check your local TV schedule for times in your area).

“I created ‘Eight Days’ to look into the lives of those living with cancer and not only bring awareness, but also to offer new ways to look at healing,” said Charles Mattocks, creator, and executive producer. “With over 1.7 million cancer diagnoses documented per year in the U.S. alone, this docuseries is more important than ever.”

Health Guardians Wellness Through Education

Look forward to a new show later this year entitled, The Plus which is the first-ever talk show format for curvy and plus size community. The Plus is looking for health experts to feature on the show, therefore please contact Charles at https://www.reversedyourhealth.com

Building upon his work on the groundbreaking docuseries “Reversed,” that aired on Discovery Life Network and focused on real people living with diabetes, Charles Mattocks is taking on another disease that hits close to home. Mattocks is a Type 2 diabetic and following the loss of his father from lung cancer, Mattocks wanted to create another meaningful project that could both educate and inspire. “Eight Days” takes viewers inside the lives of five individuals from diverse backgrounds and ethnicities all living with different types and stages of cancer. This innovative docuseries brings together a team of the top health and cancer experts to spend eight days with them at a beautiful beachside retreat in Cancun, Mexico as they learn to fight their disease through physical, emotional and spiritual healing.

For more information, follow “Eight Days” on Facebook (@EightDaysTVShow) or visit the website: https://www.reversedyourhealth.com/reversed-eight-days-cancer

Actor and chef turned health advocate, Charles Mattocks is an award-winning film producer, as well as an international diabetes advocate, IDF Blue Circle Champion and American Diabetes Association published author. He is also nephew to the late reggae legend Bob Marley. Charles has made appearances on major talks shows around the country from CNN to Dr. Oz, and more. After being diagnosed with Type II diabetes, Charles started a global mission not only for his life but also for the millions struggling with diabetes.

His newest docuseries “Eight Days” was also born out of a desire to help.https://www.facebook.com/charles.mattocks.77https://twitter.com/CMattocks

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