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Finding Love Under Quarantine “The Biggest Virtual Speed Dating Event Ever” April 22nd


 Dating, Love & Relationship Expert Stacii Jae and Representative Erica Thomas are keeping love alive with this extraordinary speed dating event. Since the announcement that most of the country has shut down and is now sheltering in place, the dating scene has become obsolete for singles. Meet Your Match is designed to help singles find love, with the help of our hosts.

Meet Your Match, A Virtual Speeding Dating Event, April, 22, 2020 at 7PM

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“The last 7 years of my life, my mission has been helping single people connect by giving them the tools to cultivate healthy romantic relationships. With the global impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s more crucial than ever to be intentional with my mission. Single people are quarantined at home alone without any way to go out on dates and socialize with potential relationship candidates. As a professional in the love business, it was important for me to figure out a way to do my part in connecting great singles to potentially find love while embracing the #AloneTogether concept”. – Stacii Jae, Dating, Love & Relationship Expert & Coach

This event will allow singles to go on a series of 3-minute dates while being live-streamed on Getvokl.com. This event will be a LIVE simulcast on Facebook, Periscope, and Twitter from the GetVokl platform. At the end of the night, Stacii Jae’s hand-chosen virtual daters will be able to pick their favorite participant to go on a virtual date with. Some couples will be selected to receive a complimentary dinner delivered to their individual doorsteps to help them take the next step to go on their first date. The Meet Your Match event’s ultimate goal is to promote staying home and safe, while still on the journey to meet and attract love.


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