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Star-studded Virtual Benefit; Operation Save Abortion April 30th, 7 am PT


Virtual benefit; Operation Save Abortion, 12-hour, an all-star fundraising event on Instagram. Participants include Amanda Palmer, Elizabeth Banks, Busy Philipps, Margaret Cho, and many others. Live at 7 am PT https://www.instagram.com/abortionfront

Operation Save Abortion is described as “an urgent fundraiser to help independent abortion providers keep their doors open.” One hundred percent of the proceeds from Operation Save Abortion go directly to keepourclinics.org, a clinic relief fund set up by Abortion Care Network, the national association for independent abortion care providers. The money will help providers pay for “increased costs related to the pandemic such as payroll for staff, purchasing needed supplies, telemedicine technology costs, and paying rent.”

About Keep Our Clinics

During this rapidly growing pandemic, the need for access to our clinics is increasing on a daily basis. Anti-choice politicians are exploiting the COVID-19 crisis to further restrict abortion access, particularly in the most politically hostile states. Independent clinics already face huge barriers in these states and further restrictions continue to push care entirely out of reach for many pregnant people.

To read more and donate visit:https://keepourclinics.org/about/


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