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Directors Lab West Connects, an 8-day series of live-streamed conversations crafted for and by theater directors and choreographers. May 23–30, 2020 • 11 am PST / 2 pm EST / 7 pm GMT

Curated to reflect a wide range of topics, DIRECTORS LAB WEST CONNECTS will reflect upon, explore, and inspire paths forward in the transformed and transforming nature of live theater. Each conversation will feature speakers sharing their unique perspectives for 30 minutes, followed by a live moderated 15-minute Q&A. 

May 23.png

Saturday, May 23 • 11 am pst

Anne Cattaneo and Sheldon Epps: A Discussion of Institutional Perspectives, Connections, and Support 

Join Anne Cattaneo, dramaturg of Lincoln Center Theater and the creator/head of the Tony Award Honor-nominated Lincoln Center Theater Directors’ Lab, in conversation with Sheldon Epps, the current president of Stage Directors and Choreographers Foundation and previous Artistic Director of the renowned Pasadena Playhouse. They will be discussing institutional perspectives, connections, and support for directors and choreographers at this difficult time, and as we move forward. 

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Sunday, May 24 • 11 am pst

Anne Bogart and Jessica Hanna: A Conversation about Creative Practice and the Shifting Landscape

Join us for a conversation between American theatre and opera director Anne Bogart, who is currently one of the Artistic Directors of SITI Company, and Los Angeles-based director/producer Jessica Hanna. 

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Monday, May 25 • 11 am pst

Ann James and Carly D. Weckstein: Using Intimacy Direction to Create a Culture of Consent Post-COVID

Join us for a conversation between intimacy director Ann James of Intimacy Directors of Color and Carly D. Weckstein, sex educator, intimacy director, and founder of The Illyrian Players. In this time of collective fear around touch, they will be discussing language and practices that can help you facilitate a culture of consent and safety when we return to our theatre spaces post-pandemic.

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Tuesday, May 26 • 11 am pst

Laurel Lawson and Diana Wyenn: Disability and Equity as Creative Forces

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Wednesday, May 27 • 11 am pst

Daniela Atiencia, Gianna Formicone and Makiko Shibuya: Global Perspectives from Directors Lab West’s International Alumni 

Join Directors Lab West International Alumni, Gianna Formicone (Germany), Daniela Atiencia (Canada), and Makiko Shibuya (Japan) for a conversation about the impact of the pandemic on their work and artistic communities.

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Thursday, May 28 • 11 am pst

Scarlett Kim and Mattie Barber-Bockelman:  Reimagining Liveness and Connection for Virtual Space

Join us for a conversation with Scarlett Kim and Mattie Barber-Bockelman, Programs & Projects Managers of CultureHub Los Angeles and New York. They will discuss “liveness” and “intimacy” in virtual engagements. Informed by CultureHub’s 10 years of exploring new media, they will share perspectives on how virtual environments can be a site of reimagining and rejuvenating connection and communication. 

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May 29.png

Friday, May 29 • 11 am pst

Luis Alfaro and Laurie Woolery: Reflections on “Remote” Teaching and Community Engagement

Join us for a conversation with citizen artists Luis Alfaro (Associate Professor of Dramatic Writing at USC) and Laurie Woolery (Director of Public Works at The Public Theater), who will share their thoughts on this unprecedented moment in the American Theater and possibilities for paths forward from here. Based on their experiences creating art through extensive personal engagement, they will explore how artists can connect and inspire one another or develop work with our communities in a post-COVID environment.

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May 30.png

Saturday, May 30 • 11 am pst

Sabra Williams and Laura Karlin: The Power of the Arts — Theater & Dance in Systems-Impacted Communities

Join us for a conversation with Sabra Williams, the Executive Director of Creative Acts, and Laura Karlin, the Founder and Artistic Director of Invertigo Dance Theatre. As culture workers, we can play a significant role in addressing the grief and emotional effects of the pandemic. Hear from two artists who have been doing this work and how they see the potential impact we can have.

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DIRECTORS LAB WEST CONNECTS is produced by Che’Rae Adams, Douglas Clayton, Ernest Figueroa, Martin Jago, Cindy Marie Jenkins, Randee Trabitz, and Diana Wyenn, with additional support from Emily Claeys and Reena Dutt.

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DIRECTORS LAB WEST CONNECTS is made possible and is being live-streamed by HowlRound TV, a global, commons-based peer-produced, open access live streaming and video archive project stewarded by the nonprofit HowlRound. HowlRound TV is a free and shared resource for live conversations and performances relevant to the world’s performing arts and cultural fields. Its mission is to break geographic isolation, promote resource sharing, and to develop our knowledge commons collectively.

DIRECTORS LAB WEST is made possible in part by support from the Stage Directors & Choreographers Society and partnerships with The Pasadena Playhouse and Boston Court Pasadena. 


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