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In competition for Best U.S. Short
Corey, a veterinarian, keeps her depression secret from family and friends
KEEP IT QUIET/ Director/ Yaya

Palm Springs International ShortFest has selected 332short films in their Official Selection that will be eligible for jury award consideration. These films represent 69 countries and were selected from more than 6,000 submissions received this year. As previously announced, while ShortFest will not hold an in-person event, a number of the official selection films will be available to screen for free online from June 16-22, 2020. A list of screening films and the complete line-up is available at and a list of the official selection films is included at the end of this release.

“Pivoting online has not been an easy decision for any organization to make, but we’re happy to bring ShortFest to an audience while keeping our patrons, staff and filmmakers safe,” said Artistic Director Lili Rodriguez. “We’ve had our filmmakers in mind through this entire process and are looking forward to sharing the stories and voices that so moved us.”

“We are thrilled to be able to mount ShortFest virtually during these challenging times,” said ShortFest Directors of Programming Linton Melita and Sudeep Sharma. “Although it is a shame we cannot welcome audiences in person later this month, it is no small consolation to have the privilege to share the work of these incredible filmmakers in what we feel might be the best lineup the festival has ever had.”

In competition for Best Student International Short and the Young Cineastes Award

Director: Chloé Léonil

Juried award winners will be announced on Sunday, June 21 from the official selection presenting them with awards and cash prizes worth $25,000 including five Academy Award® qualifying awards. Over the course of 24 years, the Festival has presented over 100 films that have gone on to receive Academy Award® nominations. This year’s categories, which will have their own group of jury members, include:

  • Oscar® Qualifying Awards: Greater Palm Springs CVB Best of the Festival Award, Best Animated Short, Best Documentary Short, Best Live-Action Short Over 15 Minutes, and Best Live-Action Short 15 Minutes and Under.
  • Student Short Awards: Best Student Animated Short, Best Student Documentary Short, Best Student International Short, Best Student U.S. Short
  • Special Jury Awards: Best International Short, Best U.S. Short, Best Comedy Short, Best LGBTQ+ Short, Best Midnight Short, GoE Bridging the Borders Award, Local Jury Award, Vimeo Staff Pick Award, Young Cineastes Award

The selection of short films feature celebrated film and TV actors include Melora Walters in Adeline, The Great; Danny Pudi in Coffee Shop Names; Will McCormack and Michael Govier direct If Anything Happens I Love You produced by Laura Dern; Mandy Moore in I Lost My Mother’s Ashes; Kevin Dunn in Josiah; Oscar Isaac and Alia Shawkat in The Letter Room; Rachel Dratch in Marcy Learns Something New; Maya Rudolph, Jay Ellis and LaRoyce Hawkins in Thirsty; and Nicholas Braun in Victor in Paradise.

The ShortFest Forum will also take place from June 16-22, 2020 with virtual classes and panels featuring industry representatives, filmmakers and additional guests. ShortFest remains dedicated to providing a space to facilitate connections between creators, industry, and our amazing audience. This year’s panels will cover a wide range of topics including animation, budgeting, commercials, co-productions, documentary filmmaking, entertainment law, episodics, festival programming, festival strategy, financing, music, pitching, writing, as well as working with actors, agents, managers, press and publicists. A list of industry participants will be announced closer to the event.

ShortFest filmmakers will have priority access to the ShortFest Forum. Four of the panels will be available for the general public, with pre-registration required starting June 13.

Grieving parents struggle with the loss of their daughter after a school shooting.
In competition for Best Animated Short /DIRECTORS Will McCormack, Michael Govier

The 2020 Palm Springs ShortFest Official Selection:


  • Any Instant Whatever (UK) Director: Michelle Brand
  • Applesauce (Austria) Director: Alexander Gratzer
  • Beyond Noh (USA/Japan) Director: Patrick Smith (Documentary)
  • Blackheads (USA) Director: Emily Ann Hoffman
  • Blieschow (Germany) Director: Christoph Sarow
  • Daughter (Czech Republic) Director: Daria Kashcheeva
  • The Edge (Switzerland) Director: Zaide Kutay, Géraldine Camissar
  • Eli (USA) Director: Nate Milton
  • The Fabric of You (UK) Director: Josephine Lohoar Self
  • Fantasmia (Germany) Director: Luise Fiedler
  • Flesh (Brazil) Director: Camila Kater (Documentary)
  • Goldfish (USA) Director: Daniel Zvereff
  • Grab My Hand: A Letter to My Dad (USA) Director: Camrus Johnson, Pedro Piccinini (Documentary)
  • The Great Malaise (Canada) Director: Catherine Lepage
  • Heatwave (UK/Greece) Director: Fokion Xenos
  • Hibiscus Season (Canada) Director: Éléonore Goldberg
  • A Hole (USA) Director: Molly Murphy
  • Icebound (USA) Director: Drew Christie
  • If Anything Happens I Love You (USA) Director: Will McCormack, Michael Govier
  • Inside me (Germany) Director; Maria Trigo Teixeira (Documentary)
  • Into the Flame (USA) Director: Sean McClintock
  • Jesa (USA/South Korea) Director: Kyungwon Song (Documentary)
  • Kapaemahu (USA) Director: Hinaleimoana Wong-Kalu, Dean Hamer, Joe Wilson
  • La Traque (Switzerland) Director: Natacha Baud-Grasset
  • The Last Day of Autumn (Switzerland/Belgium/France) Director: Marjolaine Perreten
  • Liliana (Slovenia) Director: Milanka FabjančičLittle Miss Fate (Switzerland) Director: Joder von Rotz
  • The Lost Wedding Ring (Germany) Director: Elisabeth Jakobi
  • Meudon (USA) Director: Leah Dubuc
  • Mizuko (USA/Japan) Director: Kira Dane, Katelyn Rebelo (Documentary)
  • Pangu (USA/China) Director: Shaofu Zhang
  • Per Aspera Ad Astra (France) Director: Franck Dion
  • Pipe Dream (Australia) Director: Benoit McCullough
  • Pulsión (Argentina/France) Director: Pedro Casavecchia
  • Purpleboy (Portugal/Belgium/France) Director: Alexandre Siqueira
  • Riga’s Lilac (France/Latvia) Director: Lizete Upīte (Documentary)
  • San (South Korea) Director: Jin Woo
  • SH_T Happens (Czech Republic/Slovakia/France) Director: Michaela Mihalyi, David Stumpf
  • Souvenir (Spain) Director: Cristina Vilches Estella, Paloma Canonica
  • Space Clouds (Canada) Director: Tally Abecassis (Documentary)
  • Such a Beautiful Town (Poland) Director: Marta Koch
  • Symbiosis (France/Hungary) Director: Nadja Andrasev
  • Tadpole (France) Director: Jean-Claude Rozec
  • There Were Four of Us (USA/China) Director: Cassie Shao
  • Tiger and Ox (South Korea) Director: Seunghee Kim (Documentary)
  • Toomas Beneath the Valley of the Wild Wolves (Estonia/Croatia/France) Director: Chintis Lundgren
  • Umbilical (USA/China) Director: Danski Tang (Documentary)
  • Wade (India) Director: Upamanyu Bhattacharyya, Kalp Sanghvi
  • Why Slugs Have No Legs (Switzerland) Director: Aline Höchli
  • XYU (France) Director: Donato Sansone
  • Yes-People (Iceland) Director: Gísli Darri Halldórsson
In competition for the Local Jury Award
WELCOME STRANGER/Director: Dia Sokol Savage


  • A Story Without You (Germany/Mexico) Director: Michael Nathansky
  • All Cats Are Grey in the Dark (Switzerland) Director: Lasse Linder
  • All That Perishes at the Edge of Land (Pakistan) Director: Hira Nabi
  • Béton amer (Switzerland/Greece) Director: Chloé Simonin, Margot Lançon
  • Call Center Blues (USA/Mexico) Director: Geeta Gandbhir
  • Character (USA) Director: Vera Brunner-Sung
  • Charlie’s Lot (USA) Director: Thomas Carroll
  • Colette (USA/France/Germany) Director: Anthony Giacchino
  • Container (Greece/USA) Director: Daphne Maziariaki
  • Dead Woman’s Pass (Peru/Qatar) Director: Lali Houghton
  • Dear Joel (Greece/France) Director: Thanasis Trouboukis
  • Eau Vive (Switzerland) Director: Lucia Martinez Garcia
  • Egg Cup Requiem (New Zealand) Director: Prisca Bouchet, Nick Mayow
  • The End of the Season (Poland) Director: Stanisław Cuske
  • For Your Sake (Germany) Director: Ronja Hemm
  • Gujiga (Germany/South Korea/Brazil) Director: Sunjha Kim
  • Gun Killers (Canada) Director: Jason Young
  • The Heart Still Hums (USA) Director: Savanah Leaf, Taylor Russell
  • Huntsville Station (USA) Director: Jamie Meltzer, Chris Filippone
  • Hydebank (UK) Director: Ross McClean
  • Kachalka (Ireland/Ukraine) Director: Gar O’Rourke
  • Lanterns (Mexico) Director: Juan Pablo Hernández Valdez
  • Lázaro (Mexico) Director: Mario González Jiménez
  • Lions in the Corner (USA) Director: Paul Hairston
  • The Lost Astronaut (USA) Director: Ben Proudfoot
  • The Missfits (USA) Director: Ellie Wen
  • Mr. Somebody (USA) Director: Brian Wertheim
  • My Father the Mover (South Africa) Director: Julia Jansch
  • My Own Landscapes (France) Director: Antoine Chapon
  • No Crying at the Dinner Table (Canada) Director: Carol Nguyen
  • Opera Glasses (Germany/Ukraine) Director: Mila Zhluktenko
  • Shānzhài Screens (France/China) Director: Paul Heintz
  • Silent Storm (Switzerland) Director: Anaïs Moog
  • Stallions (USA/Palestine) Director: Elise Coker
  • The Starr Sisters (USA) Director: Beth Einhorn, Bridey Elliott
  • Status Pending (USA) Director: Priscilla Gonzalez Sainz
  • Sundays at the Triple Nickel (USA) Director: Jess Colquhoun
  • Take Me to Prom (Canada) Director: Andrew Moir
  • To Calm the Pig Inside (Philippines) Director: Joanna Vasquez Arong
  • Welcome Strangers (USA) Director: Dia Sokol Savage
In competition for Best Live-Action Short Over 15 Minutes
CLOUDY DAYS/ Director: Chuang Yung-hsiang

Live Action

  • {BLACK title here} (USA) Director: Sev DeMy
  • 22:47 Linie 34 (Switzerland) Director: Michael Karrer
  • 3 Generations 3 Days (Hong Kong) Director: Chu Hoi-ying
  • 4622 Stillwater Circle (USA) Director: Kati Rehbeck
  • 99¢ Dreams (USA) Director: Tasnim Boufelfel
  • Adeline, The Great (USA) Director: Jessica Mendez Siqueiros
  • The Adventures of Whit (USA) Director: Andrew Barchilon
  • Afloat (France) Director: Ève-Chems de Brouwer
  • Air Conditioner in Panmunjeom (South Korea) Director: Lee Tae-hun
  • Aline (France/Switzerland) Director: Simon Guélat
  • All Inclusive (Finland) Director: Teemu Nikki
  • Alma in the Herd (Switzerland) Director: Agnese Làposi
  • Among the Almond Trees (Belgium/France) Director: Marie Le floc’h
  • Arabian Alien (USA) Director: Meshal Aljaser
  • Are You Hungry? (Finland) Director: Teemu Niukkanen
  • The Audition (Austria) Director: Guy Lichtenstein
  • Beautiful You (Germany) Director: Bernadette Kolonko
  • Beauty Boys (France) Director: Florent Gouelou
  • Beer! Beer! (Germany) Director: Popo Fan
  • The Best Is Yet to Come (UK) Director: Abena Taylor-Smith
  • Between a Rock and a Hard Place (Denmark) Director: Mads KoudalBird of Paradise (France) Director: Mareike Engelhardt Birth Right (Israel) Director: Inbar Horesh
  • Birthday Girl (UK) Director: Portia A. Buckley
  • Biters (USA) Director: Matt SherwoodBittu (India/USA) Director: Karishma Dev Dube Black Goat (Nepal/USA) Director: Tang Yi
  • Blocks (USA) Director: Bridget Moloney
  • Broken Bird (USA) Director: Rachel Harrison Gordon
  • Busy Tuesday (Canada) Director: Roger Gariépy
  • Bye Bye, Body (USA) Director: Charlotte Benbeniste
  • Calladita (Spain/UK) Director: Miguel Faus
  • Cayenne (Canada) Director: Simon Gionet
  • Chemo Brain (Denmark) Director: Kristian Håskjold (Episodic Pilot)
  • Chen Chen (Hong Kong/China) Director: Kargo Chen
  • Christy (Ireland) Director: Brendan Canty
  • Citric Acid (USA/Trinidad and Tobago/China) Director: Elenie Chung
  • The Claw (USA) Director: Lael Rogers
  • Cloudy Days (Taiwan) Director: Chuang Yung-hsiang
  • Coffee Shop Names (USA) Director: Deepak Sethi
  • Colors – Black Pumas (USA) Director: Kristian Mercado (Music Video)
  • Community Gardens (Lithuania) Director: Vytautas Katkus
  • Cooties (USA) Director: Kat Gueli
  • Cosmic (Canada) Director: Meredith Hama-Brown
  • The Couple Next Door (USA) Director: Abbesi Akhamie
  • Crucifixion (Lithuania) Director: Danielius Minkevičius
  • Cruz (Mexico) Director: Andrea Rosales
  • Da Yie (Belgium/Ghana) Director: Anthony Nti
  • Darling (USA/Pakistan) Director: Saim Sadiq
  • Day Release (Austria/Germany) Director: Martin Winter
  • Day Trip (Sweden) Director: Theodor Solin
  • Deseo (USA/Spain) Director: Chloe Wallace
  • Deserter (Czech Republic/Ukraine) Director: Sasha Stelchenko
  • The Devil’s Harmony (UK) Director: Dylan Holmes Williams
  • Ding-Dong (USA) Director; Suki-Rose
  • Dirty (USA) Director: Matthew Puccini
  • The Distance Between Us and the Sky (Greece/France) Director: Vasilis Kekatos
  • Don Broco – Action (USA) Director: Benjamin Roberds (Music Video)
  • The Dream (USA) Director: Ron Najor (Episodic Pilot)
  • Dummy (Lithuania) Director: Laurynas Bareisa
  • Educated (UK) Director: Tom Nicoll
  • El remanso (Colombia) Director: Sebastián Valencia Muñoz
  • Emergency Action Plan (USA) Director: Dylan Redford
  • Every Thorn Has Its Day (Brazil) Director: Tadeu Bijos
  • Ex Disposer (USA) Director: Daniel Ferrer
  • Exam (Iran) Director: Sonia K. Hadad
  • Extinct Animals (Chile) Director: Lucas Quintara
  • Fabiu (Austria) Director: Stefan Langthaler
  • A Fallen Fruit (Cambodia) Director: Amit Dubey
  • The Feeling (USA) Director: Bridey Elliott
  • Figurant (France/Czech Republic) Director: Jan Vejnar
  • Flick (USA) Director: Ariel Zengotita
  • Flower Shadow Serenade (Singapore/Australia) Director: Lin Yuan Goh
  • Foreign Powers (USA) Director: Bingham Bryant
  • Former Cult Member Hears Music for the First Time (Norway/USA) Director: Kristoffer Borgli
  • Fort Irwin (USA) Director: Quinn Else
  • Fourteen Fractures (UK) Director: Richard Melkonian
  • Friends Like That (USA) Director: Francesca de Fusco
  • From the Top (USA) Director: Neal Mulani
  • Funfair (Iran/Canada) Director: Kaveh Mazaheri
  • Girl and Body (Australia) Director: Charlotte Mars
  • Girl Callin’ (USA) Director: Tiffany Johnson
  • Girl of the Wind (France) Director: Camille Walter
  • Give Up the Ghost (Jordan/Germany/Sweden) Director: Zain Duraie
  • Gold Plated (Belgium) Director: Chloé Léonil
  • Good Thanks, You? (UK) Director: Molly Manning Walker
  • Goodbye Golovin (Canada/Ukraine) Director: Mathieu Grimard
  • Growth (USA) Director: Allison Miller
  • Grub (France) Director: Pierre Mazingarbe
  • Hannahs (USA) Director: India Donaldson
  • Happy Birthday, Great Grandma (Thailand) Director: Paphawee JInnasith
  • Haute Cuisine (France) Director: Merryl Roche
  • Heading South (China/USA) Director: Yuan Yuan
  • Hell and Such (Spain) Director: Enrique Buleo
  • Henet Ward (Egypt) Director: Morad Mostafa
  • Home (USA) Director: Adewale Olukayode
  • Home Sweet Home (Poland) Director: Agata Puszcz
  • Homegoing (USA) Director: Carlton Daniel, Jr.
  • Hoss (USA) Director: Ryan McGlade
  • How to Say I Love You at Night (USA) Director: Andree Ljuticai
  • Hungry Joe (UK) Director: Paul Holbrook, Sam Dawe
  • I Am in the World as Free and Slender as a Deer on a Plain (Canada) Director: Sofia Banzhaf
  • I Know Her (USA) Director Fawzia Mirza
  • I Lost My Mother’s Ashes (USA) Director Caitlin Gerard
  • I Love Your Guts (USA) Director: David Janove
  • I’ll End Up in Jail (Canada) Director: Alexandre Dostie
  • Important Police Shit (USA) Director: Andrew T. Betzer
  • In the Dark Park (Argentina) Director: Nicolás Schujman
  • Infinite While It Lasts (Brazil) Director: Akira Kamiki
  • The Inner Code (Spain) Director: Pau Subirós
  • Instructions to Let Go (Mexico) Director: Gustavo Gamero
  • It’s Nothing (Canada/UK) Director: Anna Maguire
  • Jacked (USA) Director: Ethan Nelson
  • Jamie (UK) Director: Esmé Creed-Miles
  • Jane (USA) Director: Kathryn PrescottJay (Taiwan/USA) Director: Szu-Wei Chen
  • Josiah (USA) Director: Kyle Laursen
  • July 96 (Belgium) Director: Michèle Jacob
  • Kama’aina (USA) Director: Kimi Howl Lee
  • Kangaroo Court (USA) Director: Jason Begue
  • Keep It Quiet (USA) Director: Yaya Simakov
  • Kelly (UK/Netherlands) Director: Joseph Roberts
  • Kindling (USA) Director: Xinyi Zhu
  • Korea, My Love (France) Director: Yoonyoung Choi
  • La Gloria (USA). Director: Mary Evangelista
  • The Last Ferry from Grass Island (USA/Hong Kong) Director: Linhan Zhang
  • Lazy Susan (USA) Director: Terri Timely
  • Learn to Swim (Germany) Director: Gaya von Schwarze
  • Lena (USA) Director: Gosha Shapiro
  • The Letter Room (USA) Director: Elvira Lind
  • Line Dry (USA) Director: Anna Baumgarten
  • Little Chief (USA) Director: Erica Tremblay
  • Little Con Lili (USA) Director: Gabriela Garcia Medina
  • Loca (Spain) Director: Maria Salgado Gispert
  • Majority (UK) Director: Tessa Hoffe
  • The Manchador (Norway/Iran/Germany) Director: Kaveh Tehrani
  • Marcy Learns Something New (USA) Director: Julia Kennelly
  • Mary Celeste (UK). Director: Harry Baker
  • Más Bowls (USA) Director: Max Tullio
  • Matriochkas (Belgium/France) Director: Bérangère Mc Neese
  • The Midsummer’s Voice (China/USA) Director: Yudi Zhang
  • Missing (USA) Director: Alexander Hankoff
  • Mizaru (India/USA) Director: Sudarshan Suresh
  • A Mother (USA) Director: Natasha Ngaiza
  • Motivated Seller (USA) Director: Chris Cascarano
  • The Motorist (UK) Director: Ciaran Lyons
  • Mthunzi (South Africa) Director: Tebogo Malebogo
  • My Hero (USA) Director: Logan Jackson
  • The Name of the Son (Argentina) Director: Martina Matzkin
  • Nero (Switzerland) Director: Jan-David Bolt
  • The Nights Alone (France) Director: Olivier Strauss
  • Nightvisit (Germany) Director: Joana Vogdt
  • Nina (Bulgaria) Director: Hristo Simeonov
  • Normal Holidays (France) Director: Margot Bernard
  • Nymph (USA/Cuba) Director: Maria del Mar Rosario
  • The Oceans Are the Real Continents (Italy/Cuba) Director: Tommaso Santambrogio
  • Omé (Lebanon/Qatar) Director: Wassim Geagea
  • Oracle (Canada) Director: Aaron Poole
  • The Other Side of Night (USA) Director: Jaclyn Noel
  • Pancakes (USA) Director: Kai Torres
  • Parachute (USA) Director: Katherine Tolentino
  • The Particles (Argentina) Director: Malena Vain
  • Party Day (Portugal) Director: Sofia Bost
  • Pharmacopeia (USA) Director: Tania Taiwo
  • Night Factory (France/China) Director: Baer Xiao
  • A Portrait of Frances, Enclosed (USA) Director: Katie Schiller, Jacob Levy
  • The Present (Palestine) Director: Farah Nabulsi
  • Pushing Mongo (USA) Director: Alex Phillips
  • Query (USA) Director: Sophie Kargman
  • Red Ants Bite (Switzerland/Georgia) Director: Elene Naveriani
  • Regret (Canada) Director: Santiago Menghini
  • Renchik (USA) Director: Andrew Theodore Balasia
  • Rio (Russia/Finland) Director: Zhenia Kazankina
  • Rouge (Greece) Director: Kostis Theodosopoulos
  • Rubbed in Pink (Colombia/USA) Director; Kathy Esquenazi Mitrani
  • Ruby (Portugal) Director: Mariana Gaivão
  • The Rudeness of a German Lady (Croatia/Hungary) Director: Silva Ćapin
  • Ruwatan (Indonesia) Director: Ernest Lesmana
  • Second Team (USA) Director: Ria Pavia
  • See You Soon (USA) Director: Tyler Rabinowitz
  • Single (USA) Director: Ashley Eakin
  • The Sleepwalkers (India) Director: Radhika Apte
  • Sloan Hearts Neckface (USA) Director: Justin Fair
  • The Smell of Coffee (Singapore) Director: Nishok Nishok
  • So What if the Goats Die (France/Morocco) Director: Sofia Alaoui
  • Sole Mio (France) Director: Maxime Roy
  • Song of Clouds (Nepal) Director: Ankit Poudel
  • Soukoon (Lebanon/USA) Director: Farah Shaer
  • The Spark (France) Director: Elvire Munoz
  • The Speech (USA/China) Director: Haohao Yan
  • Starry Night (Ireland) Director: Emma Smith
  • Stay Awake, Be Ready (Vietnam/South Korea/USA) Director: Pham Thien An Sticker (North Macedonia) Director: Georgi M. Unkovski
  • Still Working (Switzerland) Director: Julietta Korbel
  • Still Wylde (USA/Canada) Director: Ingrid Haas
  • Stray Dogs Come Out at Night (Pakistan/UK) Director: Hamza Bangash
  • Stuff (Netherlands) Director: Malu Janssen
  • Swimmer (Sweden) Director: Jonatan Etzler
  • T (USA) Director: Keisha Rae Witherspoon
  • Tantrums (USA) Director: Zander Coté
  • Tape (USA/Canada/Finland) Director: Jojo Erholtz
  • Tapes (USA) Director: Dara Katz, Betsy Kenney
  • Tattoo (Iran) Director: Farhad Delaram
  • Tea Shop (Taiwan/USA) Director: Jessie Lee
  • Tehrangeles (USA) Director: Saumene Mehrdady
  • Tender Age (France) Director: Julien Gaspar-Oliveri
  • These Streets Will Never Look the Same (Switzerland) Director: Léonard Vuilleumier
  • They Salivate (France) Director: Ariane Boukerche
  • Things Like (Austria/Hungary) Director: Kálmán Nagy
  • Thirsty (USA) Director: Nicole Delaney
  • The Tongues (Norway) Director: Marja Bål Nango, Ingir Bål
  • Touch (Israel) Director: Nir Berger
  • Triple Swear (Australia) Director: Dannika Horvat
  • Undercut (USA) Director: Kelly Pike
  • Unfinished Business (USA) Director: Mary Dauterman
  • Union County (USA) Director: Adam Meeks
  • Uprising! (USA) Director: Ben Hansford
  • Verisimilitude (UK) Director: David Proud
  • Victor in Paradise (USA) Director: Brendan McHugh
  • Viktor on the Moon (Denmark) Director: Christian Arhoff
  • Virago (Estonia) Director: Kerli Kirch Schneider
  • Visible (Norway) Director: Liv Mari Ulla Mortensen
  • The Visit (Iran) Director: Azadeh Moussavi
  • Volcano (Canada) Director: Karen Moore
  • Waffle (USA) Director: Carlyn Hudson
  • Wally Wenda (USA) Director: Diane Russo
  • Wanted: Strong Woman (Canada) Director: Marilyn Cooke
  • The Water Will Carry Us (China) Director: Shasha Huang
  • Waters of March (USA) Director: Chase Johnson
  • We Want Our Money Back (USA) Director: Ethan Mermelstein
  • Wednesday (USA) Director: Daniel Willis
  • What Did You Dream? (South Africa) Director: Karabo Lediga
  • What We Were (Germany) Director: Hannah Martin, Melanie Waelde
  • When Birds Fly Low (Netherlands) Director: Luca Meisters
  • White Eye (Israel) Director: Tomer Shushan
  • A Woman (Azerbaijan) Director: Tahmina Rafaella
  • World (USA/Armenia) Director: Christine Haroutounian
  • Worth (Switzerland) Director: Alejandra Jenni
  • Young Mother (UK/Ireland) Director: John Robert Brown
  • Your Monster (USA) Director: Caroline Lindy
  • Zoe and Hanh (USA) Director: Kim Tran

About Palm Springs International ShortFest

Designated by AMPAS, BAFTA, BIFA, and Goya Awards as an award-qualifying festival, and accredited by the International Short Film Conference, the Palm Springs International ShortFest & Short Film Market is one of the most acclaimed short film showcases in the world.

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Viola Davis Shines In Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom

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