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An evening shift of driving for a rideshare app turns out to be the craziest ride ever for Emerson (Casey Dillard). Her shift starts off by finding a handbag lying in the middle of the road near her house, a strange omen to start off this life-changing night.

Between each of her rides, she encounters very interesting and quirky passengers, Emerson is inspired by each interaction and practices her comedy routines. She dreams of becoming a stand up comic but is scared of not being funny enough. A routine and uneventful evening driving around takes a turn when Emerson picks up her next passenger, Roger (Richard Speight, Jr.), a quiet and reserved guy who appears curiously tense.

Emerson finds out that this customer wants multiple stops and each visit will be short. Trying to break the tension, Emerson tells Roger some jokes during the journey and he slowly comes to trust her. Why? He needs a partner to help him destroy demons at each of his destinations. This is more than what Emerson bargained for, she’s only a driver to earn extra money not to save the world from demons. Perhaps an ancient destiny brought them together.

Roger explains that his family lineage is cursed by being tracked by demons because his grandfather made a pact with demons for money. As Roger is the last living member of his family, he is burdened with the responsibility to destroy the demons he finds. As Emerson is exposed to the truth of what Roger has told her, they both team up to help drive him to a sacred ground destination where he can destroy the demons.

A twist in their evening comes from a deliberate fender bender that connects the dots to the handbag that Emerson found at the beginning of her evening. Two strangers brought together by chance have the power to destroy these pesky demons.

Casey Dillard as Emerson also wrote Driven, a horror film that is awkwardly funny at times has tense moments of fun scares, with poignant dialogue at key moments, all of which creates a horror film that fans of insane shared-ride stories (Stuber), family curses and demons would get a kick out of.

DRIVEN is a multi-award winning feature-length comedy/horror by the award-winning filmmakers (Glenn Payne & Casey Dillard) of Stagrassle Paranormal, Genrevolt, and A Horror Movie. Also Richard Speight, Jr.

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Reviewed by Simone CromerTwitter: @theatreofzen



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