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Reviewed by Me’Chele Sevanesian: One of the hardest things about young love is that when you’re young, you’re so open for events in your life to change every bit of you. Falling in love is very much one of those things that can change you and the course of your life.

 In the new film I’ve reviewed ‘Days of the Whale’ romance comes in different forms, between Christina and Simon and also their love for the art of Graffiti. Set in Columbia the film delves into all of the topsy turvy aspects of being a rebellious young adult and the risk that comes with wanting to be free in your art form. 

Writer and director Catalina Arroyave Restrepo highlight the aspects of ‘freedom’ and ‘invincibility’ that so many teens end up paying a hefty price for. Both Cris (Christina) and Simon come from homes where they have fallen victim to the circumstances of their parents which is the very essential catalyst for why they participate in such art forms. The people they’re around come from similar backgrounds which I think is what makes movies like these so important. Character developments from underdogs, or ragtag groups of what people see as “bad kids” is oftentimes a generalization of a much larger concept; how much parental decisions inevitably affect their kids. 

Restrepo portrays this idea through the fast-paced, always on the run plot, that all the characters live through. Many of them are forced to question whether they truly want to spend their whole lives running and I think it’s a very valid and universal question. The cinematography is very fitting with this story due to the complicated aspects of the characters, it would be hard to truly capture the message and truly appreciate the comradery of this group. This can also be attributed to the performances of the cast and their commitment to their roles by never wavering from the beauty and the story. It was obvious they all resonated with their characters in one way or another. 

I would give this movie a solid 8/10 for its delivery, message, and acting. I would truly recommend it. It isn’t like ‘Bling Ring’ or ‘Alpha Dog’ both of which had repulsive characters, especially since ‘Alpha Dog’ was such a cruel story based on students from the high school I went to, however, ‘Days of The Whale is far more beautiful. 

  • Rating:NR
  • Directed by: Catalina Arroyave Restrepo
  • Cast:Valeria Castano Fajardo, Carlos Fonnegra, Julian Giraldo, David Escallon Orrego, Margarita Celene Restrepo
  • Released: 2020
  • Minutes:77


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