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By Simone Cromers-Styled in the Found Footage amateur documentary style, The Whispering Man is a horror film that taps into the fear of family heirlooms that are haunted along with the death and disappearance of family members. Marc (Dávid Facske) is the Hungarian host of a ghost hunter podcast ‘Chasing Fear’, and he eagerly reveals to his audience about his father’s disappearance after obsessing over a demonic imagery painting hanging in his grandparent’s house.

He announces that he plans on searching for the painting hidden somewhere in the home. He lives with his brother Tommy (András Korcsmáros) who is more cynical about his brother’s interest in the macabre, but Tommy goes to the house with Marc to gather select items of their missing father.

Marc records his every move on the camera for his audience with great dramatization to spook and excite them. Creepy noises coming from the attic lure Marc and he finds the painting, it’s as if it called to him because it was so well hidden. Marc invites his friend Abel who is a paranormal investigator to interview him and have Abel inspect the painting. He’s freaked out by the demonic appearance and Marc reveals more about the eerie origins of this sinister painting and how it got its name, The Whispering Man. According to legend, people start to hear whispering when they are in close proximity to the painting. Marc is excited and wants to experience anything paranormal for his show. When the lights go out Marc will soon get all the haunting experience he wants.

To get a great show for Chasing Fear, Marc has cameras recording everything in the house to capture anything paranormal, even in his bedroom where the camera captures him experiencing nightmares, and the whispering heard in his room one night. Each taping of his podcast shows Marc slowly descending into paranoia, fear, and obsession in finding out what happened to his father. A tense and frightening experience at a nearby graveyard further distorts Marc’s ability to separate reality from his nightmares. The demonic presence of The Whispering Man spirals his life completely out of control with devastating consequences to his family. Dávid Facske as Marc skillfully shows how an exuberant person can fall down into deep and troubled despair in a relatively short time.

Great camera directing gives the viewer a very intimate sense that they are living Marc’s experience as he steps into the unknown. There are a few moments that are very good scares due to the play of shadows and cinematography in really tight dark hallways. The Whispering Man is another great horror film that continues to give legitimacy and vitality to the found footage genre that fans will find haunting and thrilling.

Starring Dávid Fecske, András Korcsmáros, Ágota Dunai, Dávid Kiss, Rob Oldfield, Marcsi Nagy, György Boldog.  Written by Bálint Szántó  and Directed by József Gallai

The Whispering Man is available to rent or buy on-demand now. The film comes to DVD on June 30th, courtesy of Wild Eye Releasing.




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