Reviewed by: Ingrid Jordan- As a fan of horror thrillers, I am putting IMMORTAL on my list of favorites. The star-studded anthology is directed by Tom Colley, Jon Dabach, Danny Isaacs, and Rob Margolies. The series is also written by Jon Dabach gives us four chapters that are thrilling, suspenseful, emotional, a real smorgasbord of stories.   Immortal cast headlined by Tony Todd (Candyman), Dylan Baker (“Hunters”), Robin Bartlett (Shutter Island), Samm Levine (Inglourious Basterds), Vanessa Lengies (Waiting…), and Agnes Bruckner (The Woods).

Each chapter deals with life issues that take a terrifying turn but what makes the series so special is the unexpected surprises and the mind-bending endings. You might think you know what would happen at any moment then suddenly your entire perception of the story has shifted. For each of the characters, death is not the end but a beginning riddled with uncertainty and fear. I will not tell you the ending of the stories for that would take away the enjoyment joy of the show.

Chapter 1

Dylan Baker/Immortal

 Chelsea (Lindsay Mushett)  a high school track star who finally decides to come clean about her coach’s sexual misconduct. In the opening scene, Chelsea’s teacher Mr. Shagis(Dylan Baker) conducts a Literature session that encourages the students to engage in critical thinking, it’s well written and enjoyable scene. At the end of class, Mr. Shagis gets Chelsea to come clean about the sexual misconduct of her track coach Gary(Michael Shenefelt). Reluctant at first Chelsea breaks down and is assured by Mr. Shagis the best action is to file a report. In the parking lot, she is approached by her coach Gary(Brett Edwards) who insists on giving her a ride to her car which she politely and firmly declines. As she approaches her vehicle she is hit with a drugged dart and is hauled off by an unseen assailant. From that point on you are in for a terrifying surprise and a real suspense horror thriller ending.

Chapter 2

Mario Van Peebles/Immortal

Gary(Brett Edwards)and Vanessa (Agnes Bruckner) a young, expecting married couple who scheme a morbid solution to their financial issues. The stress of a new baby weighs heavily on Gary and he insists the only option is to orchestrate his death. The plan is laid out and rehearsed to the last detail. Vanessa tries to dissuade him but he adamantly refuses and demands she is never to have the conversation again because the future of the baby is at stake. Gary intends to jump off the roof. With the Tv, Antena needing to be fixed and the cancellation of the repairman Gary decides the time has come to move forward. After one more rehearsal, all is set up but the plan is thwarted when the repairman Carl (Mario Van Peebles) suddenly shows up announcing he had a cancellation and can fit them in.  As soon as Carl departs Gary insists he must proceed and he does the deed. Again another twist and turn you would never expect.

Chapter 3

Tony Todd and Robin Bartlett

A news crew arrives at the home of an elderly couple Ted(Tony Todd) and his wife Mary(Robin Bartlett).  The producer tells the crew this not a TV set and must be respectful of the home and its occupants. The producer instructs the crew to get them in makeup while outlining the interview steps. Ted and Mary together for decades have a deep love for each other.  As the interview progresses we find out that Ted devoted his entire life to caring for Mary. With her cancer spreading quickly Ted lives to ease Mary’s pain. Mary would have been unable to survive without him. Ted, a man filled with grief has agreed to euthanize his cancer-ridden wife. When the crew leaves they know the time has come and its a difficult moment. Mary wants to know what to expect, Ted explains and the moment has come for her final exit. Ted places the plastic bag over her head inserts the tube releasing the gas. What happens next is a fate worse than death.

Chapter 4

Samm Levine/Immortal

Warren(Samm Levine) a young and that can’t seem to find a passion or purpose in his life. On his birthday he is struck by a speeding vehicle. The driver Sonia(JoanneVerbos) jumps out her of the car and panic leaving Warren to die. Regaining consciousness Warren crawls in pain to the sidewalk picking up the license plate of his hit and run driver. Disoriented when he arrives home the realization of his immortality sinks in leaving him more confused than ever. He calls a private detective Joe(Jason Stuart) specializing in finding information and so much more. Tracking down Sonia and her husband Chuck(Ben Reed) Waren plans on setting the record straight.

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