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Actor Jonathan Regier Gives Tough A New Meaning

Jonathan Regier

Jonathan Plays Liam A Cunning, In Control, Tough Character In Family Business Premiering October 14th on BET +

Jonathan Regier plays Liam McCloud, the eldest of five Irish brothers on Carl Weber’s hit BET+ show, The Family Business Season 3. He can be seen in episodes (303, 308, 310, 311, and 312). Liam is the calculating brains of the brothers and steps up to lead his family against all who would oppose them.

Jonathan shot during the spring of 2021, so he got very familiar with covid tests! They had to get three lab tests with 72 hours wait time as well as another rapid test after arriving on set and before leaving their cars. He felt safe and comfortable because the show took everyone’s health seriously. He also recognized it was great to be able to work, tell stories, and be around people. Working on The Family Business was a huge boost to his spirit during the long and difficult year of the pandemic.

(L to R)Aidan McCloud played by Reed James Imhoff; Kevin McCloud played by Patrick Quinlan; the Dad, Patrick McCloud played by Joseph Lloyd Lopez; Connor McCloud played by Joe Coffey; Finn McCloud played by Billy Williamson, and Liam McCloud played by Jonathan Regier

Carl Weber’s The Family Business” is based on the New York Times best-selling crime drama series and follows the Duncans, an upstanding tight-knit family that, by day, owns and operates an exotic car dealership in New York. By night, their business activities are more illicit in nature. 

Tri Destined Studios’ is the creative team for the series includes Nikaya D. Brown Jones, serving as Showrunner and Executive Producer, and Trey Haley, Co-executive Producer, and Director. Carl Weber, the author of the book series, serves as Showrunner and Executive Producer for Urban Books Media. Ernie Hudson also serves as Executive Producer.

Jonathan had a blast working on the show as you can see from some of his quotes:

“It was a joy working with director Trey Haley. The first moment I met him on location, he welcomed me and set the stage for a fun and collaborative shoot by encouraging my input and ideas for the character. Trey was great at adapting to any changes on the fly, and he set the tone for a positive and playful filming experience.”

“I had the pleasure of sharing a few scenes with the incomparable Brandee Evans (Actress, P-Valley). Not only is Brandee a great actress to work off of in a scene, but she was kind enough to offer her time to run lines when I was given an extra scene on the fly.” 

“Showrunner and creator Carl Weber was on set a few times when I worked, and he was generous and inviting. One day, in particular, he even took time to show me some of his superhero collectibles I was geeking out over and discuss the show. I am grateful for the opportunity to create a new character in the world Carl created.”

About Jonathan

Jonathan grew up in Hillsboro Kansas a small town with a population of around three thousand people. A town where everyone waved to strangers and knew their neighbors. It was not easy for him growing up as a chubby nerdy kid who was bullied and struggled to fit in. After graduating from Hillsboro High School with a 4.0 GPA he went off to Tabor College where he finally was able to build his confidence and be accepted by his peers.

In College, he majored in International Studies and was in almost every play and musical performance. With his love for performing, he toured two summers with the college rock band singing and playing guitar and keyboard. He also toured professionally with two best friends from college doing improv comedy for a few years doing a “Who’s Line” format performance. His love for travel took him to Egypt, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, and while there studied Arabic and Middle Eastern Culture. He realized he had an affinity for mimicking accents so it came and as no surprise everywhere he went he listened and interacted as much as possible with the locals and spoke the languages.

Jonathan started in the theatre playing Euple Byrd in a National Tour of “Stand By Your Man, The Tammy Wynette Story”. And then he fell in love with film—its collaborative nature, the fact that it can live forever, and the opportunity it affords for unparalleled truth and realism. Some of his favorite projects include leading roles in the independent feature “Raltat,” which shot both in the U.S. and Morocco, and the short film “Fallen,” which won Best Silent Film in the Coney Island Film Festival 2011. He also portrayed Lyndon in the psychological thriller “Red Sheep” which won the Award of Excellence in the 2012 L.A. Film Awards.

Now that he has been in L.A. for a couple of years Jonathan is looking forward to working with amazing storytellers as he continues to fine-tune his craft as a musician and an actor.

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