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Chosen Jacobs And Lexi Underwood Talk About Sneakerella


The Original Movie “Sneakerella” Launches May 13, Exclusively On Disney+.

This dance number in Disney+’s Sneakerella will keep you want you wanting more. With music that makes you move and dance techniques so vibrant I was hooked. Chosen Jacobs and Lexi Underwood shine in their respective roles. Each brings tender and organic performances to the screen. Watching these two young performers is wonderfully refreshing. So be sure to tune in on Disney + May 13th and enjoy Sneakerella.

SNEAKERELLA – Disney’s “Sneakerella” stars Chosen Jacobs as El, and Lexi Underwood as Kira King. (Disney/Roger Erickson)
SNEAKERELLA (Disney/Brendan Adam-Zwelling)

“Sneakerella” is set in the vibrant street-sneaker subculture of New York City. It introduces El (Jacobs), an aspiring sneaker designer from Queens who works as a stock boy in the shoe store that once belonged to his late mother. El hides his artistic talent from his overburdened stepfather and two mean-spirited stepbrothers who constantly stomp on any opportunity that comes his way. When El meets Kira King (Underwood), the fiercely independent daughter of legendary basketball star and sneaker tycoon Darius King (Salley), sparks fly as the two bond over their mutual affinity for sneakers. With a little nudge from his best friend and a sprinkle of Fairy Godfather magic, El finds the courage to use his talent to pursue his dream of becoming a ‘legit’ sneaker designer in the industry.

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