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It’s Time to Laugh Come to Hollywood

It’s Time to Laugh Come to Hollywood


The 7th Annual Hollywood Comedy Shorts Film Festival Sets Sail April 21-23

HOLLYWOOD, CA (April 14, 2023) The Hollywood Comedy Shorts Film Festival (HCSFF) is back. Today the organizers of the HCSFF announced the festival’s return for its 7th edition, which will take place April 21-23rd in person!

The festival which was created by Theo Dumont and Daniel Sol, co-founders of the Oscar-Qualifying HollyShorts Film Festival, will kick off with a special opening day filmmakers reception taking place at the headquarters of international management, marketing, and production company Alta Global Media. The Festival will be followed by two days of screenings at a new screening venue, the LOOK Dine-In Cinemas Glendale featuring over 90 short films in competition. The filmmaker opening red carpet will be held Saturday, April 22nd at 6 pm at the LOOK Dine-In Cinemas

The festival also features a comedy screenplay competition. Hollywood Comedy Shorts Film Festival and the program will also stream online via Bitpix TV. Awards will be held on Sunday, August 23 at LOOK Dine-in Cinemas Glendale. This year’s selection features the following categories: Alternative Comedy, Rom-Com, Spoof, Student Comedy, Dark Comedy, Horror, Cringe, and Web Series.  Tickets and all-access badges for the physical and virtual screenings are currently available and can be purchased by visiting the Hollywood Comedy Shorts Film Festival tickets and schedule portal. This year’s Festival poster was designed by Dalton Corr.

The Hollywood Comedy Shorts Film Festival’s 2023 Official selections include: 

  • “O Negative” directed by Elisa Forni
  • “Just Right” directed by Camille Wormser
  • “We Love Work” directed by Isabel Steuble-Johnson
  • “Lucas Needs An Agent” directed by Lucas Grabeel
  • “Astrid’s Trip” directed by Julie Doyle
  • “Retrograde” directed by Ali Roumell Rosenthal
  • “Busted!” directed by Steven Strobel
  • “Intern” directed by Elena Viklova
  • “The Nest” directed by Phoebe Mattana
  • “Annexed” directed by Paul Cosby
  • “Don’t Neg Meg” directed by Ann Marie Allison
  • “Dave & Alice Want to Have Sex” directed by Kyle Sauer
  • “Puppet Seizure” directed by Merissa Morin, Jennifer Plotzke
  • “Stealing My Heart” directed by Terence Digan
  • “Empty Nest” directed by W. Alex Reeves
  • “Carbon Dating” directed by Jasia Ka
  • “ANACONDA” directed by Chelsea Gonzalez
  • “Turner Loses His Pants” directed by Jess James
  • “I do(n’t)” directed by Katelyn McCulloch
  • “Interracial Couple in a Cheerios Ad” directed by Christine Lakin
  • “Ferris (ferris bueller’s day off x euphoria parody)” directed by Austin Kolodney
  • “Captain World Vs. Covid 19” directed by Joshua Powell
  • “Chips Across America” directed by Howard Nemetz
  • “Picture This…” directed by Matt Winters
  • “Fight for the 46th Ward” directed by Peter Ronson
  • “Or, The Whale” directed by Mark Kiefer
  • “Weekend at Jesus’s” directed by Barry Finnegan
  • “Carpool Lane” directed by KJ Sadural
  • “Moving Violation” directed by Eric Bergemann
  • “Curiosity” directed by James Sunshine
  • “The Robbear” directed by Kristýna Budínová
  • “WTF 2020s” directed by Whitney Avalon
  • “Vigor” directed by Alexandre Jerard Davis
  • “Visionary” directed by Christine Santora
  • “Gone Postal” directed by Megan Mead
  • “BILLIE” directed by John Rhode & Tanner Thomason
  • “The Angryman” directed by David Foley
  • “SEEKING LTR” directed by Dawn Macleod
  • “Sucks To Be the Moon” directed by Tyler March & Eric Paperth
  • “Cupid’s Arrow” directed by Brent Pella
  • “Something to Remember Me By” directed by Anna Rose Moore
  • “THE ONE WHO NEVER WATCHED FRIENDS” directed by Charlotte Gabris
  • “Jerk” directed by Christopher Leon Price
  • “Codependent Socks!” directed by Monique Sorgen
  • “A Night Out” directed by Andrew Brown
  • “The Other Side of the Ranch” directed by Cristi Rumpza
  • “REAL LOVE, BABY” directed by Natalie Novak Remplakowski
  • “A Director’s Nightmare” directed by Helen Chan
  • “The Karens” directed by Katie Goodman
  • “Heleno” directed by Mikel Arraiz
  • “Clones” directed by Letia Solomon
  • “Alt Black” directed by Conroe Brooks & Brian Hammers
  • “Out There” directed by Sophia de Baun
  • “Frustrada” directed by Joris Reynaud
  • “Sex Positive with Chet and Diane” directed by Frank Caeti & Dave Stratton
  • “Magic Tides: Oh Brother” directed by Jeph Porter
  • “Morse Code (Pilot)” directed by Travis Nicholson
  • “Servants” directed by Sarah Tither-Kaplan
  • “Party People” directed by Stephanie Turci
  • “The Stamp” directed by Sharon Mayo
  • “Jurassic Punk” directed by Josh Akin
  • “The God Couple” directed by Cayleigh Pine
  • “Virgins for Satan” directed by Ashlynn Judy
  • “Losing It” directed by Evey Yu
  • “Orla Home for Christmas” directed by Aidan Driscoll
  • “Wait for It” directed by David Gutel
  • “Too Many Tylers” directed by Ethan Woods Dennis
  • “Breeding Heart” directed by Michael Hendel
  • “Kevin” directed by Sheri Effres
  • “Death And” directed by Mariah Morgenstern
  • “For Pete’s Sake” directed by Gerald B. Fillmore
  • “Nightmare at Camp Bloodbath” directed by Dylan Arnow
  • “Red Flag Resurrection” directed by Landon Charles Hughes
  • “The Vampyre” directed by Paul Guay
  • “Dead, but Whatever” directed by Jacob Coburn
  • “Incoming Call…” directed by Wiley Jones
  • “Doomed” directed by Laura Malatos
  • “Asking for It” directed by Christy Lee Hughes
  • “Rainfall The Band” directed by Shane Peltzman
  • “One Night Stand” directed by Mark Serao
  • “The Noddy House” directed by Benjamin Allen Smith
  • “ANONYMITY GUARANTEED” directed by Paul Edward Armstrong
  • “Method” directed by Trevor Hembling
  • “Mother of Martian” directed by Will Dorney

The festival’s screenplay 2023 official selections include:

  • “The Big White Veil Mistake” written by Bridget Wixted 
  • “Welcome to GaryTown” Seth Adam Nelson 
  • “Trouble at Cheery Meadows” written by Jaclyn Peralez-Fleming 
  • “A Night In” written by Eduardo Olmos & Connor Tyler Gray
  • “Pendejos” written by Charles Dewandeler 
  • “FROM SCRATCH!” written by Alex Sobol & Octavio Marin
  • “Rare Disease” written by Hoang Vu Nguyen 
  • “WALKING” written by Jeffrey R Wank & Jonny Gentry
  • “COMMERCIAL ACTRESS” written by Zoé Mahfouz 
  • “Hoochie” written by Jenny Goddard-Garcia 
  • “In the Event of My Death” written by Bradley McHargue 
  • “F. Nate” written by Luke Rocheleau & Brock Kingsland
  • “Goldie and the Overlords of Time!” written by Henry S Brown, Jr.
  • “Rich In Faith” written by Hannah E Janssen
  • “Iron Phallus” written by Stephanie Kolar 
  • “Cam’ra One” written by Lawrence Whitener 
  • “Dan Hard” written by Cullen Severance 
  • “Battle of The Bums” written by Tim O’Bryan Pepper
  • “Silent Fury” written by Shane Thomas McCarthy
  • “Pull Out” written by Glenn McBride Jr, Jimmy Kelly, & Brannon Brass
  • “The Blanket” written by Sam Gasch 
  • “Why are Demons so Ugly and Angels Not?” written by Patrick Kalish & Andres Garcia
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