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F1 Movie Starring Damson Idris And Brad Pitt Debuts At GB Grand Prix At Silverstone 2024

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The first trailer for F1, starring Brad Pitt, Kerry Condon, and Damson Idris produced by Sir Lewis Hamilton, dropped at the 2024 British Grand Prix at Silverstone. Damson describes it as ‘unlike anything anyone’s ever seen before’. Idris plays, Joshua Pierce, a young rookie driver on a fictional team named Apex.

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Sir Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton

An F1 fan but not an F1 driver himself, Damson revealed that there was no one better to teach him than Lewis Hamilton. “There’s no better person to teach you about Formula 1 than Lewis Hamilton. To have someone who lives breathes and sleeps Formula 1, we’re in no better hands”. Aside from being a fantastic sportsman, Damson praises Lewis for pushing the sport in a positive direction. “When I think of Lewis I think of inspiring. It doesn’t matter what art form you’re involved in; you’ll always take a bit of Lewis and apply it to your life”.

F1 Trailer

32-year-old Damson Alade-Bo Idris is a British-Nigerian actor. He is best known for starring in John Singleton’s crime drama Snowfall, which debuted on 5 July 2017 on FX and ended in 2023 after six seasons. He played the co-lead in Netflix’s 2021 sci-fi action film Outside the Wire.

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