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An evening shift of driving for a rideshare app turns out to be the craziest ride ever for Emerson (Casey Dillard). Her shift starts off by finding a handbag lying in the middle of the road near her house, a strange omen to start off this life-changing night. Between each of her rides, she encounters […]

Lost Gully Road

Lost Gully Road Reviewed by Simone Cromer Lucy (Adele Perovic) is a young woman driving to an isolated cabin her sister Cassie rented for them for a week. Lucy arrives there first, expecting her sister to come very soon. She’s greeted by the overly friendly landlady (Jane Clifton), who assures Lucy that “this place looks […]

Hulu Launches Huluween With Film Fest & New Content

A month’s worth of scary programming heads to Hulu with its annual “Huluween” celebration starting today. Viewers can head to Hulu’s personalized, Halloween-themed hub for a bone-chilling selection of popular Halloween TV episodes and movies, featuring 800 premium Halloween titles and more than 5,000 episodes of new and library TV series. The curated experience will […]
Your Beach Vacation Getaway
GLAM Body Scrub
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