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The alternative to high airtime cost on traditional networks has given way to a less monetary to advertise.  ON LINE INTERNET TV SITES, all the major networks have their own on line presence and use the Internet as an additional tool, and they continue to charge inflated advertising cost. What if you had the opportunity to have the Internet visibility and attach your product, business or service to constant exposure with great content coverage at a low cost?

 Our media team covers a wide range of events, from red carpet celebrity events, fashion show markets, trade expos, film festivals, charity fund raisers, political functions and community awareness just to mention a few. You can choose from a myriad of events to sponsor to increase/build name reorganization for your business.

Call or  email us at media@richgirlnetwork.tv  so we can help you with your advertising needs.

Office Number: 323-960-5600



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