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Join the international beauty community at BeyondBeautyAmericas – Miami Beach, the new B2B beauty trade show connecting the North and South America beauty industry to foster business relationships, celebrate beauty and diversity. The Gateway to the Americas’ Beauty Market With an extensive portfolio of global B2B beauty events, Informa Markets is launching BeyondBeauty Americas – Miami Beach on February 4-6, […]


 Webinar; WWD Webinar presented by Beauty Barrage – Fielding Beauty Trends. In this digital event, Arthur Zaczkiewicz, executive editor of WWD, is joined by Sonia Summers, chief executive officer and founder of Beauty Barrage, to discuss rapidly-evolving trends and current opportunities in the beauty industry. They will discuss why, as retail stores reopen, brands need to make sure field […]

Cosmogen Unveils New Beauty Packaging Products

Beauty Editor: Tamikya Rivera There are so many makeup brands on the market to choose from but it’s also important that the packaging is appealing to our eyes.  And that is why COSMOGEN is one of our favorite packaging companies. Whatever your brand needs COSMOGEN delivers from lip gloss containers, jars, bottles, pumps, airless and […]

Runway Curls Salon Suites Opens in Atlanta

Mushiya Named Black Mogul of 2017 and star of the WE tv hit show, “Cutting It In The ATL”, the founder and creative director of The Damn Salon, Runway Curls and My Natural Doll announces the launch of Runway Curls Salon Suites, located in Atlanta, GA. Atlanta’s all-new Runway Curls Salon Suites is a state of the […]

How To Deal With Blackheads

Why do we get blackheads? We all have pores and when those pores become blocked with debris, oil, or dead skin cells when you get a blackhead. They are called blackheads because all the oils in them become oxidized. So it’s not the dirt that is black, it is just oxidized oil. It’s an ongoing […]

Summer, Sun, Sunscreen!

Summer is approaching and temperatures are rising! At this time of the year, we not only start thinking about bikini bodies again but also about sun protection. As the pharmacies’ shelves are full of different types of sunscreen, its time to brush up on the ABCs of sun protection.   Sun Protection 101 Sunscreens help […]

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