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Exciting News! Matter Studio Gallery Proudly Presents A Solo Exhibition Featuring Talita Long!

Titled “Indigenous Matter” the exhibition will  run from July 14 to August 11 Matter Studio Gallery is honored to host Talita Long in her solo exhibition, Indigenous Matter. Long’s creative expressions extend from her beautiful music as a singer-songwriter, poet, painter, printmaker, teacher, and Professor. She started her Art Education and Art Practice at Howard […]

Matter Studio Gallery Presents Aydin Hamami

A Solo Exhibition “SHADOW MATTER” Opening Reception April 28, 2024, 4-8 PM   MATTER STUDIO GALLERY is thrilled to announce Shadow Matter, an exhibition of Aydin Hamami’s abstract, process-oriented paintings. Hamami creates these canvases by the layering and juxtaposition of raw materials ranging from tar, wax, organic matter, and shellac on canvas.  While his work focuses […]

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How To Tone Your Body With Emsculpt Neo At Divine Elysian Wellness Spa Nancy Skoblar Founder of Divine Elysian Wellness Spa and her team hosted The Future Of Body Contouring: Emsculpt Neo! Are you tired of conventional workout routines that yield limited results? Say goodbye to the days of countless hours spent at the gym, […]
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