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  1. Who is Rich Girl Network Tv (RGN TV)?

Rich Girl Network.TV (RGN TV) is a division of Rich Girl Productions created to provide a platform to educate, inspire and inform. Founders of Rich Girl Productions, Kim Carter and Joy Parris felt there was a need for an on-line site that focused less on Hollywood gossipy type content and more on quality formatted entertainment. From community events, art and culture, fashion, beauty, lifestyle and of course independent film.  RGN will provide a platform for Independent film-makers(documentaries,features,shorts) to cultivate their talent and build an audience base.

2. How do I submit my project to RGN TV?

Easy, send a simple synopsis and a trailer of your project and our team will review within 14 to 21 days. If accepted  you will be contacted with full details and terms of agreement. Remember only completed projects will be accepted. Information can be sent to joy@richgirlnetwork.tv

3.Will I be compensated if my project is chosen for distribution on RGN TV?

Yes, there is commission compensation for the film-maker if your project is accepted by our review team, and will be discussed at that time.

4. Will RGN TV accept reality TV projects?

Yes, same process as the above.

5. Can I advertise on RGN TV?

Absolutely, RGN TV offers business and individuals reasonable advertising rates to place ads, commercials and infomercials. Go to our contact page and submit your information and you will be contacted by one of our Account Executives.







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