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80 For Brady Now Playing In Theaters

Reviewed by Joy Parris: 80 for Brady is a funny, uplifting, and heart-warming movie that can appeal to a diverse audience. It also highlights some important reasons why watching sports with your friends can build a lasting friendship. 80 For Brady does that and so much more. Starring Academy Award® nominee Lily Tomlin, Academy Award® […]

The Cursed

Reviewed by Joy Parris-Do you like Gothic horror films set in the 18th century that is visually haunting with lots of heavy fog and foliage that feels like it wants to swallow you? Then be sure to add “The Cursed” to your watch list. The beginning scenes may seem somewhat unrelated and getting to the […]

‘Immanence’ Fights For Your Soul

Reviewed by Stacy Yvonne: Imagine you own a party boat company where you take groups of kids out to the ocean to dance, get drunk and have fun. You get a new order, though this time it isn’t for kids, and they’re offering a whole lot of money to get taken near a place that […]

‘I Want You Back’ Makes Me Want More

I WANT YOU BACK will premiere exclusively on Prime Video February 11 in more than 240 countries and territories worldwide Reviewed by Stacey Yvonne: You know the old story, boy meets girl, girl meets boy, original boy dumps girl and girl dumps boy and dumped boy and dumped girl concoct a plan to get their loved ones back! Okay, so maybe […]

India Sweets And Spices

A Delightful Film about Growing Up and Taking Chances India Sweets And Spices In Theaters November 19th Reviewed by Joy Parris: Written and Directed by Geeta Malik, India Sweets and Spices is a delightful, heartwarming coming-of-age film that will leave you with a hopeful heart and an appreciation for lessons of forgiveness and love.  The […]

Ankle Biters Review

Available On Demand and DVD Reviewed by Me’Chele Sevanesian: Released by DARK STAR PICTURES comes ANKLE BITERS, a new horror-comedy in the tradition of MOM & DAD and THE HUNT, On-Demand and DVD and Co-written by Canadian filmmaker and written Bennet De Brabandere)and story by Zion Forrest Lee and Bennett. “Ankle Biters” revolves around Sean(played by […]

TIME NOW In Select Theaters And On Demand

Starring ELEANOR LAMBERT (daughter of DIANE LANE and CHRISTOPHER LAMBERT) Reviewed by Stacey Yvonne- Released by Dark Star Pictures Time Now is an uneven thriller that relies a bit too much on vagueness to tell a fully engaging story. Starring Eleanor Lambert and Claudia Black there are good bones to tell an empathetic drama, but […]

Dune A Stunning Epic In Theaters October 22nd

Reviewed By Stacey Yvonne: Directly after seeing Dune I was asked by a friend how it was and I replied, “Stupid, beautiful and long and fantastic!”. The next day I was asked by another and I replied, “It was… a lot.” Both sentiments are categorically true. Dune is big and all-encompassing and also full of […]

“The Harder They Fall” Goes Down Easy

Reviewed by Stacey Yvonne: The Harder They Fall is a new western for the modern age brought to you by Jeymes Samuel. Typically a musician, Seal is his brother, Samuel has a deep love for the wild wild west and the Black cow folk that is often forgotten and erased from the narrative. During the opening […]





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