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Black Christmas

If you like slasher films with a bunch of young people getting killed and an evil plot to tame women, then this latest installment from Blum Productions might be your thing. Jason Blum and his company Blumhouse Productions are known for bringing us some memorable films like Get Out, BlackkKlansman, Don’t Let Me Go, and […]

The Disappearance Of My Mother

The critically acclaimed documentary on legendary model-turned-activist Benedetta Barzini Opening in LA on Dec 13 at LAEMMLE MONICA The Disappearance Of My Mother gives so much to ponder about life, beauty, and the choices we make. Benedetta Barzini wants to disappear. An iconic fashion model in the 1960s, she became a muse to Warhol, Dali, Penn, and […]

First Born

Reviewed by Veronica Benson Ben(Reza Sixo Safai) and Kate(Taylor Cole) are living the American dream. Kate, American, and Ben, an Iranian immigrant, are a quintessential story of true love. Though they are from disparate backgrounds, they discovered that love has no nationality. Their marriage is as perfect as can be, except for one problem, they […]

Lost Gully Road

Lost Gully Road Reviewed by Simone Cromer Lucy (Adele Perovic) is a young woman driving to an isolated cabin her sister Cassie rented for them for a week. Lucy arrives there first, expecting her sister to come very soon. She’s greeted by the overly friendly landlady (Jane Clifton), who assures Lucy that “this place looks […]

Review of Away

AWAY follows a young boy after a mysterious crash landing, as he travels across an island on a motorcycle, trying to escape a dark spirit and return home. Directed, written, edited, and produced by Gints Zilbalodis Away takes us on an imaginative adventure without words, where the symbolic images of danger, fear, and hope reside. […]

Funny Story

In Funny Story, two people are about to meet up who have paths leading in the same direction. A well-known TV show actor, Walt Campbell (Matt hew Glave), is trying to enjoy the fortunes of his life with the riches and young girlfriend that his lifestyle affords him. When out on a date with his […]

The ByGone

Nearly a year after his mother’s sudden accidental death, Kip Summer (Graham Phillips) is a quiet and lonely young man in search of company, a connection with someone to dull his emotional pain. For the first time, he considers buying the services of a prostitute. But upon seeking the services, he is disturbed by the […]

Review of Marla

This slow burner horror film is a woman’s worst nightmare. Going to the OB-Gyn to get a birth control device inserted is difficult enough, let alone having a deadly device inserted that can kill. Such a horror film can only be written and directed by a woman, Lisa Van Dam-Bates, in which she also stars […]

Love Is Blind

Uncork’d Entertainment released the offbeat dramedy LOVE IS BLIND in theaters and on Digital and On Demand on November 8, 2019. A young woman, Elizabeth/Bess (Shannon Tarbet), lives with her ailing father, Murray Kraft (Matthew Broderick). Perhaps due to dementia setting in because of his Parkinson’s disease, he actively engages with and speaks to his wife, Carolyn (Chloë Sevigny), but Bess […]

Review Of Blood Myth

Touted as a British Midsommar, directors Sean Brown and Luke Gosling create a moody, sinister tale of a young couple traveling to a rural town to further investigate a myth called 30. James (Jonathan McClean) is a reporter bored of dead-end stories told by eye witness accounts of UFOs and strange shadowy creatures for the […]

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