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Weaving The Past:Journey of Discovery




The official trailer for Weaving The Past: Journey of Discovery; a feature documentary film by Walter Dominguez.

Years ago, Walter Dominguez became obsessed with a very old, leather-bound photo of a young man he didn’t recognize.  It had mysteriously reappeared in his mother’s house, a memento she had inherited from her father Emilio N. Hernandez.  Walter kept looking at the portrait and wondering why it had such power.  Only Walter’s mother, Maria, knew anything about the youth in the photo, taken in Mexico in the 19th Century.  “His name was Praxedis G. Guerrero,” she said.  He was a historic personage, a Mexican patriot and revolutionary hero…

Praxedis himself had given Emilio the photo when they were young friends.  Emilio had cherished it and kept it in his trunk for many decades.  Walter asked his mother for the photo and he took it home.  The photo never left his mind for long.  The handsome face in the photo was compelling – it felt like a touchstone that somehow connected Walter to Emilio.  Finally, he realized it was calling to him to journey back into the mysterious past, to uncover the secrets around the early life of the man he loved and missed – Emilio.  What Walter found on his quest set his life on a new course, and revealed his journey for the future…

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