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The Butler Trailer


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Forest Whitaker stars in “Lee Daniels’ The Butler” as Cecil Gaines, a black butler who served in seven presidential administrations in the White House.

“The Butler,”  boasts a star-studded cast including Oprah Winfrey as Cecil’s wife Gloria, Cuba Gooding, Jr. and Lenny Kravitz as fellow White House butlers, Terrence Howard as a Gaines family friend, and David Oyelowo as Cecil and Gloria’s son Louis. That’s not counting the actors who play the presidents, including Robin Williams (Eisenhower), John Cusack (Nixon) and Alan Rickman (Reagan) — and Jane Fonda (Nancy Reagan).

And his co-star, Oprah Winfrey stated,” He brought a nobility to the role.”

Still Photo Courtesy of The Weinstein Company

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