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Bible Enrichment Fellowship International Church Hosts:”Rewired Remix”



October 7, 2013 (Inglewood, CA)— Bible Enrichment Fellowship International Church presents: “Rewired Remix”, free young adult conference targeting visionaries, entrepreneurs, greek organizations (Divine 9) forward thinkers, artists and professionals alike.

“Rewired Remix” is a spin-off and precourser to the 18TH Annual LAMPS International Conference facilitated byApostle Beverly “Bam” Crawford October 20 – 23.

Nightly sessions are available October 18 – 19 from 7:30 – 9:30, located at 400 E. Kelso Street, Inglewood, CA. Immediately following Friday & Saturday sessions, attendees will gather for the Leader’s Lounge/Mixer at Judah Box, located at 344 S. Market Street, Inglewood, CA.  Food, drinks, and DJ will be available. All participants may register online at

Apostle Crawford’s daughter, Gabrianna, is excited to host this years events.

“Anything that I participate in has to be fresh, edgy, and relevant,” she shares. “I give my promise that people will not be disapointed; but divinely inspired.”

Various artists include: Gabrianna, also known as Punky G…, Lady Tee, Ezekiel, Janette…IKZCourtney E. andW.A.R., to name a few.

Gabrianna believes that timing is essential for today’s young adults and she plans to help them tap into their life’s purpose.

“God has already given us the gift to fulfill the call and purpose He assigned us,” she reveals.

“We were born with them, our own, unique individual call. We were born equipped; however, I’m looking forward to the divine impartation and the prophetic rewiring that will indwell and infuse us with the supernatural power, anointing, insight, brillance, revelation, creativity, compassion, and energy to rock stadiums, change laws, teach children, build colleges, create jobs and much more to resuscitate and breathe life into this flat-lining generation.”





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