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CrystIe Stewart In Tyler Perry’s “For Better Or Worse”




On Wednesday October 23rd episode of Tyler Perry’s “For Better Or Worse,” Leslie (Crystle Stewart) believes that Chris (Eddie Cibrian) wants to have their marriage annulled when he invites her to dinner to talk.  Leslie’s ex Joseph, continues to overstay his welcome at Angela (Tasha Smith) and Marcus’ (Michael Jai White) house.  Rich Girl got a chance to talk with Crystle Stewart  about her role on the show and working with her fellow actors.  Crystle, a former beauty queen (winning Miss USA 2008 and Miss Universe  2008 )was so excited to get the role and is grateful to Tyler Perry. As she stated in her interview,”I want to make Tyler proud, he took a huge chance on me and I won’t let him down.”

This dynamic young woman is a go getter as clearly noted in her determination to go after the crown of Miss USA. It was her fifth attempt at the Miss USA title, and it is with this same determination that she approaches her role on the show.

Rich Girl: What is it like working with your fellow actors?

Crystle: Wow, it’s fantastic, everyone is so talented and I am learning so much from each one.  Jason is so great and he pushes me to be better. Cocoa Brown is an exceptional comedian and is always looking out for, me giving me  tips on comedic timing. Micheal and Tasha are just so amazing, I mean everyone is so awesome, its a real family and we adore each other. We hang out after work, visit with each other outside of work and I love that.

Rich Girl: How do you want audiences to perceive the show?

Crystle:  I want the audience to see African Americans in a positive light. In the show all the characters are progressive and successful and are dealing with issues everyone deals with on a daily basis. There is a level of respect among the women and that is something I see lacking in some of these reality shows that are currently on the air.

Rich Girl: How do you want the audience to perceive your character ?

Crystle: I want them to see Leslie as a confident female but somewhat vulnerable and with a sense of reality.  I want them to see that she can handle her work and her personal life. She can be feisty but can still admit to mistakes. I want her to be real.

Rich Girl: Do you share these qualities with your character?

Crystle: I definitely feel that we have more similarities than differences.

Rich Girl: This episode deals with Chris inviting Leslie to dinner to “talk’ so how did you prepare for the role?

Crystle: I just took it from personal experience and  knowing how nerve racking it is when you have to deal with the unknown in a relationship.

Rich Girl: What is your acting style?

Crystle: I guess I take an organic approach to acting. I just like to feel the part and let it flow.

Rich Girl: This is breast cancer awareness month and when you were twenty one you discovered a lump in your breast. It was benign but the entire experience was traumatic for you and your family. What advice would you give to women?

Crystle: Get checked !! Do your self examination consistently and get your mammogram on a timely  basis ! Early detection is the key.

Tune in for all-new episodes of Tyler Perry’s For Better or Worse on Wednesday, October 23, at 9/8c.
Photo: Courtesy of OWN


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