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Home Rob The Mob Opens In Theaters March 21st, 2014

Rob The Mob Opens In Theaters March 21st, 2014



Michael Pitt (“Boardwalk Empire,” Seven Psychopaths), Tony Award® winner Nina Arianda (Midnight in Paris, Broadway’s “Venus in Fur”) bring naivete and charisma  to their roles  as small time crooks Tommy(Pitt) and Rosie(Arianda). These two are hopelessly in love and one might say they’re not very bright. After a  flower showp robbery goes wrong  the two do their time and upon release Rosie attempts to get her life together by taking a job in a collection agency. Shortly after Tommy joins her but he is quickly distracted by the historic trial of Gambino-family boss John Gotti.  Tommy’s fascination with the Mafia is deeply personal; since he saw is father being harassed and beaten by the mob when he was a young boy.

During the trail he hears Mafia hit man Sammy “The Bull” Gravano talk about the Mafia Social Club where guns are not allowed: Tommy thinks why not rob the joint. And so the fun begins in the crazy dysfunctional world of Tommy and Rosie. At least they seem to think its fun and in no way will this end well; a fact which seems irrelevant to Tommy and Rosie.  Adding to this great cast is Academy Award® nominee Andy Garcia (The Godfather: Part IIIOcean’s Twelve) and Emmy® winner Ray Romano (“Everybody Loves Raymond,” “Parenthood”).  Big Al (Garcia) tell his men to just scare the couple, a decision he comes to regret when the couple robs one of the clubs and gets hold  of a list that will take their entire organization down. Ray Ramano plays the reporter that breaks Tommy and Rosie’s story to the public a decision that I am sure he will also ultimately come to regret.

At times Rob The Mob is funny,emotional, intense and frightening as we see the world of organized crime  through the eyes of Tommy and Rosie and  most disturbingly is their inability to see the very deadly destiny that they are creating in their world.

Rob The Mob opens is Theaters March 21st, 2014.



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