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3rd Generation Female Gangsta


3rd Generation Female Gangsta’ is a gritty, crime drama with an original hip-hop score that takes place in Los Angeles.  


The story centers around three generations of African American criminals; a grandmother, a mother and her young adult daughter named JusMe.   JusMe wants to attend college, major in music and be a rapper.  However, her mother and grandmother want her in the family business. She is instructed by both to commit a crime as a ‘rites of passage’.  Not committed to the lifestyle, but afraid to stand up against her family she does the crime, messes up and gets caught.  She is now facing a long prison sentence, but can get it significantly reduced if she does something unthinkable on the streets.


Jody Banks
Jody Banks


The cast includes rapper Jody Banks, Kezia Judah-Torres, Efe’ and Nelson Walker. 

3rd Generation Female Gangsta’ is written and directed by Joy Shannon.

Produced by Joy Shannon, Joy Parris and Bruce “Automatic” Vanderveer.




Joy Shannon is a Los Angeles based indie filmmaker.  With a MA in film, Joy has completed three, 16mm features. 

3rd Generation Female Gangsta’  is her most recent and won The Best Cutting-Edge Film Award in the 2014 San Diego Black Film Festival. 

Watch Full Film here

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