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Brandy Opens Up to Vaughn Alvarez Of TheBrandyBlog.Com


Brandy sat down with Vaughn Alvarez, the webmaster of TheBrandyBlog.com, for an intimate chat about her return to BET’s ‘The Game,’ and the past year of her life (2013-2014). The interview was conducted on the Atlanta set of ‘The Game.’

Brandy on Love:

“I know for a fact that love really is unconditional, I think we say that but we don’t really understand the true meaning of it. Love remains through everything, through it all. Through anger, pain, dishonesty, failure, angry words. Love remains. I am learning every day to accept that it’s okay to love someone regardless if your together or not, friends or not, you know whatever the situation is just being ok with the fact that love is going to chill regardless.”

 Brandy on Tamar Braxton: “Tamar Braxton is really an incredible vocalist, I would love to duet with her, Toni Braxton and Fantasia.”

Brandy on Reality TV: “Reality or me, I’m still on the fence. I am going, to be honest, when a camera gets in front of me and it’s in a reality setting, I honestly freeze up…For me, whats in my lane is my own television show….that’s in the works and that’s what’s actually happening.”

Moesha: “We wouldn’t do a Moesha reunion, I don’t have Lamont or Yvette, and I would feel very uncomfortable. Can’t do it without Hakeem”

 Brandy on Countess Vaughn/Hollywood DIVAS: “Countess is a kee! I love her! She got me!”



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