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Home Jenna Elfman Inspires Young Dancers At Westside School Of Ballet

Jenna Elfman Inspires Young Dancers At Westside School Of Ballet


Jenna Elfman shares her experiences with young dancers at the Westside School of Ballet.


The experience of training in classical ballet often has a profound and lasting effect in the lives of dancers, though many ultimately pursue careers outside the dance world. That’s the message behind Westside School of Ballet’s new “Dance Talks” series, featuring a lineup of successful alumnae who will talk to community youth about the positive impact disciplined dance training has had on their lives.

The series kicked off with speaker Jenna Elfman, well-known for her starring role in TV seriesĀ Dharma and Greg, and currently a guest judge forĀ So You Think You Can Dance.

Elfman, who started ballet training at 5-years old, shares, “All of that training, it just gave me this confidence and professionalism that I take with me everywhere. As a dancer you can never take anything for granted. You always have to be working it. Ballet training sets that standard to me of being competent. So no matter who you touch you’re demonstrating competency. It makes the world better.”


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