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‘The Duke Of Burgundy’ In Theaters Now


‘The Duke Of Burgundy’ is the new film from Peter Strickland, the British award winning writer and director of BERBERIAN SOUND STUDIO and KATALIN VARGAR.

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With beautiful cinematic shots, lyrical music, erotic visual overlays and pretty sexy lingerie, ‘The Duke Burgundy’ is a visual feast for movie goers. Though not a film for everyone, it delivers a compelling depiction of a relationship where each partner seeks satisfaction but at what cost.

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The film opens with Evelyn(Chiara D’Anna) arriving at the door of Cynthia(Sidse Babett) to clean the house, where Evelyn is subjected to humiliation and verbal abuse. However, all is not as it seems as we shortly discover the women and are lovers and this is game of sexual dominance initiated by the seemingly meek Evelyn. Director Paul Strickland explores the themes of commitment, age, passion and compromise that one makes in any relationship. The relationship between these two women gives us a mirror into the psyche of sexual power and how far does one go to maintain a relationship that potentially may not honor our true self.duke of burgundy 2


The lines blur as Evelyn continues to push her addiction for more erotic intensity while Cynthia struggles to find her place in the relationship without risking her heart. There are great moments of silence and intense glances between the women and that speaks stronger than words and those are some of the most compelling moments in the ‘Duke Of Burgundy’.

duke of burgundy

‘The Duke Of Burgundy’ opens in Los Angeles, at Landmark’s Nuart Theatre in West LA January 23rd and  IFC Center in New York.










Original music by the duo Cat’s Eyes.

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