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Home ‘Timecode’ Nominated for The Spanish Oscars and The European Academy Awards

‘Timecode’ Nominated for The Spanish Oscars and The European Academy Awards




Juanjo Giménez’s beautiful short film Timecode has been making its mark in the film world, winning a multitude of film festivals, including the Palme d’Or for the Best Short Film at the well-respected Festival de Cannes. Not only has this award winning film been nominated for Best Short Film at the Goya Awards (the Spanish Academy Awards), it has been shortlisted, along with 9 other films for the Academy Awards and has been nominated for the European Academy Awards.

Luna and Diego are the parking lot security guards. Diego does the night shift, and Luna works by day.

Spanish born Producer and Director Juanjo Giménez’s filmography includes the award winning short films RodillaNitbusMaximum Penalty and Indirect Free Kick. His features include Tilt, which was awarded in Rome, Las Palmas and Ourense.

He’s also the founder of the production companies Nadir Films and Salto de Eje. Some of their productions include the documentaries My Grandmother’s House,Stigmata and Anas.


In Timecode Nicolas Ricchini stars as Diego, he is also a dancer and choreographer and has collaborated with other choreographers, including the Akram Kha Company for the Olympic Games Opening Ceremony in London. Diego’s co-star Lali Ayguadé is also a dancer and choreographer, she has worked all over the world and was nominated for Exceptional dancer in the Critics Awards of London. The music for this award winning film was created by composer Iván Céster, the Cinematography by Pere Pueyoand co-produced by Daniel Villanueva and Arturo Méndiz.

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