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Casa 0101 Presents “Brown & Out IV” One More Weekend Left



Photo 1 - Key Artwork for Brown & Out IV - Design by Soap Design Company

  We visited CASA 0101 and enjoyed the wonderful production of  “Brown & Out IV,” A Play Festival of 10 World Premiere Short Plays Celebrating the LGBTQ+ Latin Experience. Each of these pieces had vital messages to impart to a diverse audience. From comedy to drama, the pieces focused on so many issues tackling difficult subjects such as suicide, depression, to light fare like friendships and love. With stellar performances by all the actors, “Brown & Out IV’ should be on your entertainment calendar. With only one weekend left Fridays & Saturdays at 8:00 p.m., And Sundays at 5:00 p.m.

(l to r) Karlo S. Ishibashi (Lucien Chang) and Rufino Romero (Alvaro  BnO_C309
(l to r) Karlo S. Ishibashi (Lucien Chang) and Rufino Romero (Alvaro Garcia)


One of our favorites was “Cochino” written by Richard Villegas, Jr. directed by Rigo Tejeda. Lucien. Chang just left his religion and family to move in with his boyfriend, Alvaro Garcia. Alvaro buys him his first birthday cake and offers him a Mexican bite. The cast includes: Rufino Romero as Alvaro Garcia and Karlo S. Ishibashi as Lucien Chang. Funny ,delightful and romantic are just a few words to describe this piece.  All ten stories are powerful and impactful in their own way and such amazing chemistry between all the performers. With each story will leave you full of thought and reflection.

We are urging the public to come and support the amazing and fantastic work being presented by Casa 0101 from talented playwrights, costume designers, actors, directors. And the support of the public is needed more than ever since the theater is on the verge of closing down.


López said, “I opened CASA over 15 years ago. I started CASA tocreate opportunities for actors and writers and artists. This is the kind of place that I wanted when I was a little girl. I thought this would be my way of giving back to my  community in Boyle Heights. But, unfortunately we are on the brink of closing down because we can’t pay our rent, so we need your financial support. If you believe in what were are doing, please support us now.”

Photo 7 - (l to r) Giovanni Navarro (Gabriel), Victoria Dunn (Leslie), Belissa Escobar  BnO_A211 copy

More About The Plays:

Act I:

He Said, She Said, They Said written by Jaime Mayorquin directed by

Claudia Duran.  When old-school Chicana Leslie discovers that her organization’s fundraising booth at the East Los Angeles Pride Fair is located right next to her more progressive rival’s booth, she must attempt to remain civil towards the competing bake sale, or risk ruining the queer Latinx festivities.  The cast includes:  Victoria Dunn as Leslie, Giovanni Navarro as Gabriel, Belissa Escobedo as Sam, Devan Torres as Dani, Matthew Benjamin Ramos as Jesse and Karlo S. Ishibashi as Kel.


   Twinks & Boobs MC written by Raymond Arturo Perez directed by

Corky Dominguez.  Jay, a gay Latino twink, will do anything to get into the Big Fat Dick Motorcycle Club.  Will he give away his dignity to get into the most selective LGBT motorcycle club in America?  The cast includes:  Matthew Benjamin Ramos as Jay Perez, Mikki Hernandez as Leah Cisneros and César Carmona as James Fogle.


Girl Misinterpreted written by Josefina López directed by Rigo Tejeda.  A sensitive 17-year-old Latina named Cassandra, has been institutionalized for cutting herself to cope with her parents not believing her sexual molestation story, and now she must decide whether to lie to be released and come out of the closet.  This story takes place in the past, the present and in the realm of memory.  The cast includes:

Belissa Escobedo as Cassandra Robles, Maia Villa as Nurse Mary, Rufino Romero as Cassandra’s Father, Victoria Dunn as Cassandra’s Mother, Mikki Hernandez as Cassandra’s Sister, Devan Torres as Teenage Girl #1, Mikki Hernandez as Teenage Girl #2, Devan Torres as Veronica and César Carmona as Dr. Bradley.


   Baby Mama written by Matthew Benjamin Ramos directed by

Claudia Duran.  The play was written to be reflective of the real conversations and relationships gay men have with their straight female friends as they both transition to adulthood and start thinking about family.  The cast includes:  Moises Castro as Christian and Maia Villa as Laura.


   Angelito written by Gilbert Salazar directed by Rigo Tejeda.  New in town, Pedro, without friends or a partner, is trying to find the one person in his life that he does need right now, a barber.  Will this new barber give Pedro the cut that he needs before Valentine’s Day, or will the barber give him something more?  The cast includes:  Moises Castro as Pedro, Karlo S. Ishibashi as Mateo, Giovanni Navarro as Angel, César Carmona as Rudy, Rufino Romero as Ernie, Matthew Benjamin Ramos as Customer 1 and Devan Torres as Customer 2.


Act II:

   Young Dudes written and directed by Corky Dominguez.  Two friends, one white, and one brown, spend one night together in a true test of friendship on this full moon evening in May 1990.  Coming to terms with what happened, Chico has a flashback about this fateful evening.  The Cast includes:  César Carmona as Older Chico, Victoria Dunn as Flor, Moises Castro as Young Chico and Matthew Benjamin Ramos as Barry.


   L.U.G. written by Claudia Duran directed by Corky Dominguez.  Carmen and Amalia have been best friends since first grade.  An unexpected wild night threatens to break up their lifelong friendship, that is, unless the two friends can be honest about their love for one another.  The cast includes:  Mikki Hernandez as Carmen, Maia Villa as Amalia, Victoria Dunn as Raquel, Karlo S. Ishibashi as Bryce and Rufino Romero as Tommy.


   When Boyz Cry written by Abel Alvarado directed by Claudia Duran.  A short play about a group of longtime friends who are living life in the new Millennium.  Many changes have happened since they all first met and their friendship has stood the test of time, but are they prepared to keep moving into the future with a life they never thought could be?  The cast includes:  Rufino Romero as Frank Rodriguez, Moises Castro as Gabriel Sanchez, Giovanni Navarro as Carlos Valencia, César Carmona as

Jerry Murillo and Matthew Benjamin Ramos as Ryan Walters.


   Scratching The Surface written by Patricia Zamorano directed by

Claudia Duran.  Jay Palos, a masculine muxer is sexually frustrated when she can’t satisfy her partner/lover Aura Rivas.  When Jay decides to go to the Pleasure Chest with her best friend, Pilar Espinoza to buy a dildo and bumps into Aura.  It becomes an awkward moment leaving them with questions that will soon be uncovered with blundering and vulnerable truths on both their parts.  The cast includes:  Devan Torres as Jay Palos, Mikki Hernandez as Aura Rivas and Belissa Escobedo as Pilar Espinoza.


   Cochino written by Richard Villegas, Jr. directed by Rigo Tejeda.  Lucien Chang just left his religion and family to move in with his boyfriend, Alvaro Garcia.  Alvaro buys him his first birthday cake and offers him a Mexican bite.  The cast includes:  Rufino Romero as Alvaro Garcia and Karlo S. Ishibashi as Lucien Chang.


Tickets during the Four-Week Run, February 9 – March 4, 2018, Fridays and Saturdays at 8:00 pm., and Sundays at 5:00 p.m., are $20 per person for General Admission; $17 per person for Students and Seniors; and $15 per person for Boyle Heights residents.   This show is not recommended for children.  The show contains strong adult language and mature themes.  Advance reservations are highly encouraged.              


Dinner and Theater Packages are available as well at CASA Fina Restaurant and Cantina, located at 1842 E. First Street, Boyle Heights, CA  90033, just a few block away from CASA 0101 Theater.  Premium Dinners are an additional $25 to your ticket price; Regular Dinners are an additional $15 to your ticket price; and Deserts are an additional $5 to your ticket price.  Please visit for menu options and choices.


Free Parking is available on several streets surrounding the theatre.  Free Parking is also available on Fridays and Saturdays only at the Boyle Heights City Hall Parking Lot located at 2130 East First Street (at Chicago Street) by entering the lot from Chicago Street; the lot is closed on Sundays.  Metro Gold Line train stations are located on First Street in Boyle Heights at both Soto Street, and at Boyle Street (Mariachi Plaza), within a short walking distance to the theater.  The running time of the show is 110 minutes.  For tickets, please call the CASA 0101 Theater Box Office at 323-263-7684, E-mail, or buy online at

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