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“My Dead Selfie” wins Best Experimental Feature Film Award


On Saturday, October 21st, “My Dead Selfie” premiered at the Downtown LA Film Festival with cast and crew in attendance. The supernatural thriller took home the “Best Experimental Feature Film Award” along with rave reviews from the audience. After the screening the audience got a chance to ask questions from the cast about the process and the journey in making the film. In attendance was actor Tommy Hicks starring in the short film”Smoke and Mirrors” screened before “My Dead Selfie”.

                                                                Tommy Hicks (Smoke and Mirrors)

  See full album of the premiere photos here-https://www.facebook.com/pg/richgirlnetworktv/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1087039064804685

MY DEAD SELFIE stars Ginger( Sharena Walker) an African American woman and her white husband Hal(AJ Garrett) as they enjoy their passionate marriage that does not include much discussion on race.  Yet Hal has a family secret, he comes from a long line of vicious overseers form slavery who secretly practiced the occult. Now, in a house that is possessed by the demonic spirits of racism, Ginger has no choice but to hope that her life matters. Ms. Shannon takes into a world of ancestry and race and makes us wonder about the power of karma.

Director’s Statement:

Making a social-horror film, a sub genre of horror films, just felt natural to me. It allowed me to look at elements of racism in an aggressive, yet creative way. No doubt, the collective Black American experience has been horrific in every sense of the word, thus it’s likely that horror films on race will be some of the most unique films that Black filmmakers make. My leading cast of Ginger(played by Sharena Walker) and Hal(played A.J.Garrett), are symbolic; Ginger represents a segment of Black Americans who look away from racism, even when it’s staring them in the face, and Hal represents this country’s long-going exploitation of Black people. So I took the set-up of a standard ghost story and placed Ginger and Hal in the center. Why call it, “My Dead Selfie”? — it’s a play on words. We all need to look at ourselves and examine how we treat one another, if not, our ‘self’s’ will be void from the inside out.

Joy Shannon is a writer and director of indie feature films. Years ago a historian of African American cinema conducted a study and determined that Joy’s first 16mm feature film, Rags to Reality (aka Uptown Angel) was the first feature film directed by an African American woman to get a home video deal and the first to get released in the then popular Blockbusters (under the title of Uptown Angel.) Joy has her BFA from Howard University and her MA in film from The American University, both in Washington, DC. She served as a juror for the Corporation for Public Broadcast (CPB) and was a grant recipient from AFI and WETA.

Joy has also taught filmmaking to teens who were former gang members and to dyslectic students. Joy currently resides in Los Angeles and her past films include a feature and a short version of 3rd Generation Female Gangsta, a short comedy entitled Sexless After 45, and a screw-ball feature comedy entitled Stuck With Jazz (aka All That Jazzin’). My Dead Selfie is Joy’s first horror film.

To learn more about the film and meet the cast visit- www.mydeadselfie.com

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