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Home Lifestyle Travel Brazil’s Carnival Ends In High-Fashion With Hip Crowd At Baile Da Arara, In Rio de Janeiro
Brazil’s Carnival Ends In High-Fashion With Hip Crowd At Baile Da Arara, In Rio de Janeiro

Brazil’s Carnival Ends In High-Fashion With Hip Crowd At Baile Da Arara, In Rio de Janeiro


Story by Renato Nassar

Brazil’s carnival and most specific Rio’s party has become an international sensation with the Samba Schools parade at the Sambadrome for a long time now (all the 2020 party was wrapped-up this past Wednesday). But if you are looking forward to going to Brazil’s festivities, avoiding a bit of that feeling of a “Disney” kind-of attraction – and experience a breath of fresh air with the hippest, fashionable, beautiful and famous faces of Brazilian Carnival – there’s no other place to be like Baile da Arara.


The tropical extravaganza took place this past Tuesday (February, 25th) at a beautiful mansion at the top of Santa Teresa’s neighborhood. It took a while to take there in the midst of the dark little streets from the historical area, but once you were there (and after your name was thoroughly screened at the invitation list – Instagram and Facebook profiles were sometimes checked, honey), you instantly would be graced with the view for example, of goddess and former Victoria’s Secret model Alessandra Ambrósio, in full swing with a gorgeous carnival attire, having fun amidst we, mere mortals.

And so were many others – fashion designers, stylists, producers, actresses, famous singers, and performers – a unique mix of beautiful and interesting people from around the world in the perfect set that overlooked the Sambadrome from a distance. Oscar Metsavath (Osklen’s fashion brand owner), singer Isa, Ana Carolina, Seu Jorge, actress Aline Rosa, TV presenter Fátima Bernardes and super-steamy Brazilian actor Marcos Pitombo were one of the few ones to be named among the amazing guests.

If you are intending to give it a try to Baile da Arara in 2021 the perks are many – BUT, you must be invited. A- dollar listing Fred Eklund, NY’s top realtor and TV celebrity didn’t make the cut. So, start talking to your most influential friends in Brazil or around the world and see how can you get there next Carnival. The good news is if you don’t get in the list, Baile da Arara has now its own box (or camarote in Portuguese) at the Sambadrome parades. Everything is sold just a bit before Carnival so it’s a good idea to follow their profile at Instagram @carnavaldaarara and be up-to-date to be at the best party and with the best companies around during Brazil’s carnival.



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