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Buzzr TV Concentrates On Concentration


Sound familiar but still trying to solve the puzzle as to why?

Well, Concentration is the precursor to Classic Concentration, which you’ve undoubtedly already tuned in to on BUZZR.

This first iteration (Concentration) originally premiered in the late 50’s and ran in syndication from 1973-1978.

Like Classic Concentration, this earlier edition features contestants matching prizes to uncover and solve a picture puzzle for the chance to win a car…but with a 70’s flair – we’re talking bell bottoms and groovy vibes. It’s a funky spin on a fan favorite!

Can you dig it?

Concentration also features more of the picture puzzles we love with the “Double Play” bonus round. Winning contestants must solve 2 puzzles on their own in 10 seconds to go home with a shiny new set of wheels!

Now, focus on this…


Starting Monday, March 30thBUZZR cracks open the game show vault and delivers host, Jack Narz and the best Concentration selection from 1976.

One can only say, it’s a perfect match!

AND, for that very reason, Concentration will be added to the permanent retro schedule.

The show will air regularly on weekdays at 7:30p ET and Sundays at 4:00p & 4:30p ET.

Far out! Now, let the matching and money-making begin. Instagram: @BuzzrTV
Facebook: @BuzzrTV



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