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Virtual Interview with The Cast of Nat Geo’s BARKSKINS Premiering May 25th


Based on the New York Times’ bestselling novel by Pulitzer Prize-winner Annie Proulx, BARKSKINS follows a disparate group of outcasts and dreamers battling to escape their pasts while navigating the brutal frontier hardships, competing interests, and tangled loyalties at the crossroads of civilization: the New World.

Part 1 cast of BARKSKINS- Premiering May 25th on Nat Geo/Lily Sullivan, Thomas Wright, David Wilmot
Melissande (Tallulah Haddon) hands Delphine (Lily Sullivan) a rabbit. (National Geographic/Peter H. Stranks)
Lafarge meets with Cooke (Thomas M. Wright) in Cooke’s office. (National Geographic/Peter H. Stranks)
  • Lily Sullivan as DELPHINE — an innocent Filles du Roi with a terrible secret. She has crossed the Atlantic under the sponsorship of King Louis XIV to pick a French husband and populate New France. 
  • Thomas M. Wright as ELISHA COOKE — a cutthroat English barrel maker and smuggler who has schemed his way into New France and clashes with the French locals
  • David Wilmot as CONSTABLE BOUCHARD — French King Louis XIV’s cantankerous local constable who is tasked with keeping law and order in the lawless town of Wobik.
Part 2 Cast Interview of Nat Geo’s BARKSKINS James Bloor, Christian Cooke, Kaniehtiio Horn
Rene Sel (Christian Cooke) begins to make his mark on the ledger in the Trade Hall, Wobik. (National Geographic/Peter H. Stranks)
Rene Sel (Christian Cooke) and Charles Duquet (James Bloor) on the boat to New France. (National Geographic/Peter H. Stranks)
Mari (Kaniehtiio Horn) watches Sel as they pause in the woods. (National Geographic/Peter H. Stranks)
  • Kaniehtiio (Tiio) Horn as MARI — a French and Wendat Nation woman who lives with Trepagny. She suspects he is planning to marry a French Filles du Roi and takes matters into her own hands.
  • Christian Cooke as RENE SEL — an uncynical and morally sound indentured servant to Trepagny. Sel wants to work the land and start a family in New France.
  • ames Bloor as CHARLES DUQUET — a scrappy, industrious scoundrel signed to servitude under Trepagny. Duquet quickly realizes he’s not cut out for manual labor and plots his escape and reinvention.
Cast Interview Nat Geo’s BARKSKINS Zahn Mc Clarnon and Anuerin Barnard Part 3
Hamish Goames (Aneurin Barnard) and Yvon (Zahn McClarnon) arrive in New France. (National Geographic/Peter H. Stranks)
Yvon (Zahn McClarnon) brings Elisabeth to Wobik. (National Geographic/Philippe Bosse)
  • Zahn McClarnon as YVON — a Harvard-educated Anishinaabe (Ojibwe) man of the Hudson’s Bay Company.    
  • Aneurin Barnard as HAMISH GOAMES — a mysterious agent of the rapacious Hudson’s Bay Company. Goames is investigating the massacre that opens the series and has a hidden personal agenda. 

Nat Geo did a fantastic job bringing the world of New France alive giving the audience an immersive experience of the early settlers. We had a chance to chat with someof the scast members about their experince filming the series.

BARKSKINS will premiere on May 25th on NAT GEO.



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