It’s a magazine that gives all its profits to charity, in this case the KEEP A BREAST FOUNDATION. A magazine for whom everyone involved works entirely for free. It looks like an art magazine yet it covers the world of exploitation culture. It’s a magazine called BOOBS & BLOOD, and it’s celebrating its 3rd issue this month.

To quote the magazine itself, it is “an unapologetic celebration of all things psychotronic,” from films to art to culture in general, but with a decidedly female-centric angle. The current issue features an exclusive and personally revealing interview with cult exploitation actress and model CHRISTINE NGUYEN. If you thought you knew everything about her, think again. Plus there’s an in-depth, and very funny, interview (by celebrated author & journalist PAT JANKIEWICZ) with the only female horror host to go national since ELVIRA, the fabulous and trail-blazing IVONNA CADAVER.  

The magazine is the brainchild of filmmaker and festival director, and now magazine publisher, MILES FLANAGAN. “Essentially we’re a serious publication, with a damn silly name. But people like it – so why change it,” he states. “I’ve always loved glossy magazines and wanted to create one that was both beautifully designed and written, yet covered not fashion but obscure and current exploitation culture from around the globe.” Well, things don’t get much more obscure than the work of filmmaker, the late LINDSAY SHONTEFF, whose 1970s James Bond send-ups get more exposure than they’ve seen in decades in this issue. “I’ve always seriously admired Shonteff’s work for its sheer mind-bending audacity. And felt more people needed to discover his cinematic insanity before it was forgotten entirely.” And there’s more…

Issue 3 definitely has something for everyone – from rare images of PHILIP CASTLE’S art for A CLOCKWORK ORANGE to the no-holds-barred erotic artwork of talented MORGAN WILSON (aka LUX NOVA) “I first discovered Morgan’s work at Monsterpalooza. She’s an important artist with a unique voice that deserves more attention,” states FLANAGAN. “Whether you’re outraged or applaud her work, you simply can’t deny her raw talent.” The magazine also features a piece about the oddest (and funniest) item ever listed on eBay. What other magazine writes about things like that?

The current issue also features Part 2 of a comprehensive interview with U.K. publishing legend DEZ SKINN of V FOR VENDETTA, HOUSE OF HAMMER and MONSTER MAG fame. With its finger on the indie filmmaking scene it also interviews producer/director CHRISTINE PARKER and delves into how filmmakers finance, produce and get distribution for their passion projects. This being a MUMMY film, replicating ancient Egypt in North Carolina! was a miracle in itself.

And with it being election year (how can anyone forget), PRESIDENT WOLFMAN director MIKE DAVIS reviews a selection of the best POTUS horror films ever made.

With the year being what it has been, with the coronavirus disrupting virtually every part of normal life, FLANAGAN was initially unsure whether there’d even be an issue 3 this year. But he’s had so much support that an even more exciting issue is promised in November.  

“Yes, it’s been a tough year for everyone. But what I’m most proud of,” says FLANAGAN “is the fact that everyone, from the designers to writers to photographers, put this amazing magazine together for free. No-one’s paid a penny. Can you believe that?” For FLANAGAN it was his intent from the get-go to have all the profits go to a breast cancer charity. It was the reason for the entire B&B project. As he explained, “It was because I, and many people close to me, had personally experienced how this awful disease affects not only individuals, but also family and friends. Because of that I wanted to do whatever I could, however small, to help. And the KEEP A BREAST organization are an amazing group, who also love what I do too.” FLANAGAN started fundraising through the BOOBS & BLOOD Film Festival 10 years ago and now continues with the magazine, and as he sums up, “If you can fundraise and have fun at the same time – and with a name like ours that’s not hard to do – life simply doesn’t get any better.” 

BOOBS & BLOOD MAGAZINE can be purchased exclusively online here: https://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/1822165

To celebrate Issue #3, digital copies of past issues are available for free for a limited time. More information on all things BOOBS & BLOOD: http://blog.boobsandblood.com/


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