Anyone ready to watch a funny, uniquely inventive romantic movie. Then sit back enjoy “The Argument” directed by Robert Schwartzman and written by Zac Stanford. It is a quirky, oddball comedy that will reel you in with its groundhog day twist and witty dialogue.

Jack a struggling writer in Hollywood (Dan Fogler from the Fantastic Beasts franchise) and his actress girlfriend, Lisa (Emma Bell from The Walking Dead) is excited about Lisa’s lead role in a play that just wrapped, and to celebrate her performance they have invited some friends over for wine and charcuterie.  Though insecure about himself and his craft Jack feels it the perfect time to get on bended knee and propose to Lisa that very night. The friends include Lisa’s co-star in the play Paul (Tyler James Williams, Dear White People, Unaccompanied Minors, Everybody Hates Chris), Brett(Danny Pudi Community, Duck Tales, Star Trek Beyond) Brett’s girlfriend Sarah (Maggie Q  Divergent, Live Free or Die Hard, Insurgent), Paul’s girlfriend Trina (Cleopatra Coleman, In The Shadow of The Moon, The Last Man On Earth, Hover). 

As the four friends gather to celebrate things go sideways quickly, accusations are made, insults bounce around the room and tension escalates. Jack finally blows his cool and slams his fresh-baked pie on the floor.  After the friends leave an argument ensues between Jack and Emma about who was at fault for the disaster. Troubled by the lack of resolution with no one willing to take the blame they decide to recreate the party again. The friends return and their confusion expression is priceless when they realize it’s a repeat performance and if you think the first get-together was hilarious wait till you experience night number two. Each actor is brilliantly funny and some might remind you of personal friends  I know I definitely took a walk down memory lane ride. Once again as the evening progresses it’s clear that the repeat experiment is even worse than ever and since Jack is adamant about sticking to the script, well there goes another pie.

With still no resolution after get together number two, Jack and Emma set about to create the dinner over, again and again. Scenes speed by of each disastrous ending until Jack comes up with the perfect solution. With another invite sent the friends reluctantly show up minus Sarah everyone looking and feeling weary. Once they have settled in the doorbell rings and additional guests arrive and to everyone’s surprise, Jack proceeds to hand out scripts to the friends and the actors who will portray them. Jack explains since all the previous recreations for finding the truth failed the best way was to observe the issue objectively was to write the script and hire actors to portray them otherwise how will they ever discover the real truth.  Regardless of how absurd this seems he informs the actors to state their names and the role they are portraying. Never mind that the actors chosen by Jack are not embraced by the group for extremely obvious reasons. 

If you thought you were laughing before then you might want to get ready for a deliciously delightful, scandalous, hilarious mind-bending reenactment. The casting of the actors portraying Jack, Emma, Paul, Trinia, Brett, and Sarah is priceless. The secondary casting choices could have taken The Argument in a weird place but kudos to each actor for nailing it along with some surprises. 

One of my favorites was the actor playing Paul( Nathan Stewart-Jarrett, Four Weddings, and A Funeral, Candyman, The Trial Of Christine Keeler). I enjoyed watching his performance in Four Weddings and A Funeral and I immediately recognized a truly superb comedic performer taking Pual’s character in a completely different direction.  Rounding out the cast included Actor Jack (Mark Ryder, Five Minutes of Heaven, Robin Wood, Borgia, Actor Lisa (Charlotte McKinney, Fantasy Island, Bay Watch, Guest House), Actor Brett/Actor Sarah(Karan Brar, The F**k It List, Diary of A Whimpy Kid, Solar Opposites), Actor Trina (Marielle Scott, Lady Bird, You, Teacher). They all had great comedic timing that put the final touches of wackiness to The Argument. I like movies that allow you to root for couples to make it and have a great laugh along the way.

THE ARGUMENT was written by Zac Stanford and produced by Robert Schwartzman, Russell Wayne Groves, Geeta Bajaj, Johan Disend, and Bret Disend. 

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