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The many lives of tortellini. Museum-worthy preparation or an increasingly creative product?

The recipe acquires greater strength from the comparison between different cultures and sensibilities and aims to conquer a future beyond the past… READ MORE HERE

The timeless Pinot Grigio by Santa Margherita

Pinot Grigio Santa Margherita celebrates 60 years since its first release on the market. Here’s the story…

Barcelona: the elBarri group is undone.Farewell to Albert Adrià’s Tickets (and other restaurants)

One of the most solid Spanish restaurant groups, which in Barcelona, in the last ten years, has marked the gastronomic scene, attracting interest from all over the world, comes under the slash of bankruptcy…Read More here

The Real Enemies of the Wine Table

Let’s investigate the great enemies of wine, those foods that every enthusiast must limit in order to fully enjoy the flavor of wine.. Read More here

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Recipe of the week

All about garlic: properties, benefits, types, and recipes. When fresh, garlic has a sweet and fruity taste, as it dries, the flavor becomes more aggressive and spicy. In any case, this bulb is good for our health..Read the recipe

Restaurant of the week

LuMi - Sydney

LuMi – Sydney

Federico Zanellato and Michela Boncagni’s restaurant is always in constant evolution, innovating by drawing on the best local producers, with an eye to sustainability, very clean flavors, sharp and incisive contrasts.. Read more

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