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“Farewelling” Premieres at Dances With Films 2023


The cast of “Farewelling at Dances With Films 2023

Dances with Films 2023 showcased many outstanding films, we caught up with director Rodes Phire and her cast at the festival. The film “Farewelling shot during the pandemic was truly a test for the entire cast.

About Farewelling

In the midst of the pandemic and aftermath of her best friend’s overdose, Jenna finds herself in crisis as she reunites with those still around her. Questions of her own ethics and morals surface as she grapples with the “why” of everything, eventually discovering what it takes to truly break us.

Cast of Farewelling

WRITERS: Rodes Phire, Sarah McMaster
DIR: Rodes Phire
PRODS: Rodes Phire, Andrew Soriano, Ty Gordon, Rachel Glago, Mikhail Buchanan, Scott T. Summers, Lauren Selman
CAST: Cristen Coppen, Robert Thomas Preston, Rob Evors, Lauren Selman, Anna Briggs, Rachel Deutsch, Betsy Rushton, Autumn Noel, Anna Dahl, Marie Finch, Andrew John, Walter Cox, Ben Torkelson, Rodes Phire, Rachel Glago

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