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Best Ways To Get Into The Dating Game


Dating Expert and Relationship coach Tamica Lee, host of OWN’S READY TO LOVE: MAKE A MOVE’ 

As the leaves change and begin falling with the temperature around us, many people are eager to re-enter the dating scene during this year’s cuffing season. However, the method singles intend to implement to find future partners may vary.

‘Ready to Love: Make a Move’ on OWN TV Network follows four women from the original show ‘Ready to Love’ (Shareese Logan, Verneashia Allen, Zadia Murphy, Ashlee Akins) who did not find love in their seasons. Throughout 13 hour-long episodes in the vibrant city of New Orleans, these women embark on a quest to find their soulmates. With the expertise of professional matchmaker Tamica Lee, the women receive advice on navigating new relationships, being vulnerable, sisterhood, and more. 

According to Lee, “Everyone puts up their best representative on dating apps, making it hard to find real love. The best way to meet new partners is organically; in the grocery store, at church, at a stoplight, on vacation.” Meeting people in person allows us to better understand our compatibility because there is an opportunity to observe their mannerisms and body language, which is limited to impossible via a screen. 

About Tamica Lee, Host and Matchmaker

Tamica Lee is a woman who does it all. A New Orleans native, Tamica is busy balancing her work while also being a wife and mother to two children. Best known as the star of Southern Charm New Orleans, she was recently the anchor of Good Morning New Orleans and prefers to go by “The Queen of New Orleans!” In addition to being an extremely gifted matchmaker, she is the co-founder of Son of a Saint, a charity she and her brother started in memory of their late father.

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