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    Multi-Media Artist Mary Harris Celebrates The Power of Art

    Multi-Media Artist Mary Harris Celebrates The Power of Art


 Joins Exhibition “OURS Black in Every Color “ at The Andaz Hotel

Multi-media artist Mary Harris is set to be a part of the festivities, showcasing her work at the first-anniversary celebration of “OURS: Black in Every Color” at Andaz West Hollywood on Friday, January 26, from 6-9 p.m. The opening reception of “Ours: Black in Every Color” will mark the beginning of this exhibition, which aims to create spaces that celebrate and spotlight artist communities of color worldwide. This event serves as the kickoff for the organization’s international celebration of Black History Month.

Presented by Valence Projects, founders Curator Josiah David Jones and Vakseen are eagerly anticipating the exhibition of works by artists who use their voices to uplift their communities. Valence Projects, with its focus on current issues and social themes, seeks to foster conversation by curating pieces that inspire discussion.

About Mary Harris

Mary Harris emanates a contagious passion for both art and community. Hailing from a quaint town in New Jersey, Mary made the move to Los Angeles in 2014 to share her artistic gifts on a larger stage. As a versatile artist excelling in multimedia fine art, music, and singer-songwriting, Mary is committed to uplifting talent through positive collaboration, organic creation, and meaningful support.

About  Andaz West Hollywood Gallery

Now a registered art gallery, Andaz West Hollywood serves as a venue for various pop-up exhibits featuring guest artists and curators. These exhibits, changed every three months, showcase diverse artistic styles and mediums. Functioning as a registered art gallery, Andaz West Hollywood provides visitors with the opportunity to immerse themselves in unique and diverse artworks within an environment that seamlessly blends hospitality with culture. Attendees are encouraged to participate in public events hosted in collaboration with the exhibit, including receptions, pop-up painting opportunities, and more.

To learn more about Mary visit-https://artmusicmaryjane.com/about

To secure a free ticket for the event visit: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/ours-black-in-every-color-andaz-west-hollywood-tickets-803255267127

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