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OWN Television’s -“AMBITIONS” w/ Felisha Terrell

Network's AMBITIONS and UTOPIA opposite John Cusack and Sasha Lane, written and executive produced by Gillian Flynn. Felisha is both beauty and brains, a college graduate (with honors), from the University of Iowa, but after a short stint working for a fortune 500 Healthcare company she packed up her blue ford Tempo and moved to Los Angeles on her own.

Dear Frank Review

Reviewed by Gin Blanton What would you do if you lost the love of your life, of over 20 years, to an unexpected tragedy? And then discovered they had committed the most devastating act of betrayal toward you? Frank Jones, played by Brian White(Ambitions, Stomp The Yard), answers that question in the psychological thriller with […]
Your Beach Vacation Getaway
GLAM Body Scrub
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